02/26/2021 23:45


Here is a summary of the interview that was filed today, I had the chance to listen to it live before :

Fintech company, Kratos is their operation platform for digital marketing

they generate revenue by charging fee income in the trade and trade financing and transaction volume

growth opportunity to address 1.5 Trillion dollar in trade shortfall / financial derivatives , 200 different discharge ports

Customer focus on SME Tradet (small to mid size enterprise) think about it as eBay and Amazon for these one internationally . they have a loan trading business and strategy

so it is ebay l and amazing powered by PayPal technology

they addressed issued presented in the short report as per the photos

basically expect a lot when they annouce their Earnings in a couple of weeks !!!
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All Comments(15)

Rammo02/27/2021 03:07
alert alert runner in sight


Jbird02/27/2021 01:11
Are you buying more May calls, whike they are cheaper now? You bought them on Feb 9th when they were higher. Just making sure b4 I grab a few more

Stockdata02/27/2021 06:03

yes I will next week, I have a lot already long term


Jbird02/27/2021 00:42
Are you buying more May calls, whike they are cheaper now? You bought them on Feb 9th when they were higher. Just making sure b4 I grab a few more


Mr Jp02/27/2021 00:25
Yeeeeessss πŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯πŸš€


Slip Shot02/27/2021 00:12


Getting Bred02/27/2021 00:08
I must be dreaming


Matt02/26/2021 23:59
@Stockdata I believe earnings will come out sometime between April 3 and April 9,

tna***com02/27/2021 02:20

that would fit in nicely with my april 10 dollar calls.


brrrrr....02/26/2021 23:57
with market taking a beating, what's your opinion. i see support at 360 next, what do you think brotha

Ron B02/27/2021 00:04

I think he’s talking $staffing360 ??

Stockdata02/26/2021 23:58

360 ?


Kvn02/26/2021 23:55
Thank you for the play, got greedy with NXTD and saw my 60%+ profit fall to -20% when I woke up Tuesday market open all because I fell asleep (saw btc tank and knew nxtd would follow) and refused to sell after wed and thu. Holding both nxtd and trit


King02/26/2021 23:54
what's the date for earning?

AlphaStocks18202/27/2021 02:39

Early march was mentioned but somebody posted an email from them directly today stating April first

Dream Trading02/27/2021 00:00

Early march was mentioned

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RobisonCD102/26/2021 23:53
I forgot to ask, when is the exact date of ER? thank you!!


RobisonCD102/26/2021 23:51
I'm ready! we're all anxious and waiting βœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ’°


Pennyloafer02/26/2021 23:51
Playing dead brother !


white chocolate02/26/2021 23:50
does your pt remain the same ?

cjm***com02/28/2021 03:26

Whats your pt?

Stockdata02/26/2021 23:51

yup mate, I don't change my opinions easily πŸ˜‰


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