Justin Webb

05/05/2020 20:28

$Taronis Technologies Inc anaylist say 55$ target n book value just under 2$ if I hold long term in get half that for every 10k shares 550,000$ n I currently getting it under .14 1400$ so for a chance to turn 1400 in half a million I'll throw every chance I get on this one
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?05/05/2020 22:46
Yes and if i could fly id save a fortune on airfare

Justin Webb05/05/2020 22:47

lol sgbx has twin peaks always today it ran earnings around corner check it out 7.40 peak though


sha***com05/05/2020 21:11
but they also accepted the delisting offer... just saying this may go under


CarlosLehder05/05/2020 20:56
Make sure u do ur homework on penny stocks. I learned hard way. they can change in an instant and also crash within seconds. Slightest bit of bad news and ur 1400$ is now worth nothing. Just use caution. Research and make sure u kniw what ur getting into.

Justin Webb05/05/2020 23:55

yea on brands n stuff don't trade on coke over Pepsi but if u do constant research n feel like it's good then u trade based on your feeling but I guess YouTube Jerry told u that huh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dan007ngripper1905/05/2020 23:17

dont trade based on feelings

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Meathead05/05/2020 20:33
I have 5k shares...You suggest i hold and not sell off?

Dan007ngripper1905/05/2020 23:19

yes you do. dont lie. everyone loses if the trade. nobody wins them all.

Mat Cauthon05/05/2020 21:36

selling is neither right or wrong... You just have to decide based on your situation. I have 5k shares as well, but I'm also relatively liquid, which means the 1.5k I have tied up there won't stop me from other trades, so I can afford to leave this for a decade and come back to it - if it still exists then. their fundamentals aren't bad. your options are a guaranteed loss with immediate access to funds, or a potential profit but tied up funds for a bit. You know your situation best! good luck

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Atu05/05/2020 20:32
But is that target valuation actually up to date? Otherwise it's useless like most analysts targets

Justin Webb05/05/2020 22:58

if you in at 1.70 buy the dip each check buy some n average down to see green faster a 1.70 look at shares you have n buy 3xs the amount u had it will cut u in half at same amount of shares to .65 so 3* should get u on right track

Justin Webb05/05/2020 22:56

look at red I don't know about u but a cent equal more than 100$ for me n I'm happy knowing negative red is potential green

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