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05/05/2020 21:00

$Taronis Technologies Inc
I'm Gonna keep smashing them lil hoes
to come bring you home that thick bacon
your my muse my reason my predicament my ob...... n so on
one a these days your gonna open up an
finally come let me bust down those beautiful booty cheeks it's gonna be like an avalanche a force of nature orgasmic riveting
An epiphany a moment of pleasure an clearity levity
until then you keep fucking me in every orifice gland surface possible violently with no lube nay even a peck on the cheek
guess we are building trust , What can I say im a giver I hate Usury intrest is a sin
fair trade an collaboration any day everyday all day
I will suffer for you my love
Toast to us being richly rewarded in the not so distant future
life is a process not a destination
pain is weakness leaving the body
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Justin Webb05/05/2020 22:25
sgbx at new bottom rose has constant mountain set at bottom n sell peak I make great profit on them two this might sound as crazy as this one but I'm liking uso too but between rose n sgbx is short term n uso I haven't fine tune on that yet but I'm a freestyle trader

Justin Webb05/05/2020 22:39

I'm heavy red here but I could easily sell n make it back but I see a half a million in under two years here so I going to go hard here I like the underdogs

Rabble Repository05/05/2020 22:29

you hold the top percent gainers and you're most likely holding a top
fair warning though the same thing I just described is what I did with taronis and here we Are

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Powerplays05/05/2020 21:37
You made a bad play. Sell it and move on. How many times were you warned about this stock? The fact that you are still here and still losing money is just embarrassing at this point. Take a screenshot of your losing position and post it. Atleast maybe someone will learn something even though you refuse to.....


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