05/27/2020 11:22

$Taronis Technologies Inc lol if this goes down again today then I'm out. . needs to reverse here
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Bad Toad05/27/2020 12:27
I'd hate to see you leave bud, but I wouldn't blame you a bit. I didn't think we'd see anything below 0.22. Then I didn't think we'd see below 0.15. Then I thought it was absolutely impossible to see below 0.08. Now my faith it wavering as well. Mostly because of the lack of ANY reporting since moving to OTC. It's made for a lot less stress not waking up at 4am checking the market, but it's a whole new level of stress wondering about recovery every day.

Whatever you decide, I hope to see you around still! Be well 😊

Bad Toad05/27/2020 21:05

Still could be, I have high hopes for tomorrow (have them every Thursday for a while... Then shattered 🤣)

225****82705/27/2020 18:06

thought earnings where gonna be this month also.

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