09/11/2020 00:29

$Trevena This stock's ability to bounce back time and time again is amazing. everybody loves an underdog story! she won't quit, just like us the investors. I've never seen a stock with so many bag holders who are the most optimistic ones here, buying the dips and trusting the process!!! You guys truly keep us all going and kept me honest and humbled... I also see a ton of the same loyal people here since way before the FDA approval. I love days like today that remind us why we hold onto this stock . No news at all today, shorts lurking below and she still put up nice gains. More people are starting to take notice and give it the recognition it deserves. Exactly one month ago today she fell and kept falling -350%! ending up at ¼ of it's share price. felt like we got sucker punched in the gut. but Now exactly 30 days later after getting beat down by a massive selloff, shareholder dilution and public offering, record high shorts...it has completely Reversed to a beautiful uptrend like a fkn boss. That's the kind of stock I want to invest my hard-earned money! sorry for the book lol, I smoked a blunt and had a couple bru
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All Comments(10)

SkarY09/11/2020 10:45
Ill stick to the edibles 😉


◇hugeloadofbulljizzonurfac♧09/11/2020 06:39
vape psshhh Phillies baby no cigarillis nothing but fatties mister twister

ILLMindedProfit™09/11/2020 10:32

actually my roommate has some of that THC juice vape shit . it'll get you good though no joke! but I'm with you, I like my sweet philly leaves all day


11**5809/11/2020 04:32
great talk coach, let's get this!

ILLMindedProfit™09/11/2020 07:33

Now lets go win one for the gipper!


ActiveCell09/11/2020 01:12


None09/11/2020 01:05


mon***com09/11/2020 00:57
Great analysis . Keep it up. Write as many books that you want. Great to here positive people knowing what this stock will be able to do in the years to come.


Jonathan Paddison09/11/2020 00:46
Tokin' analyst hard at work writing his book! A+


ILLMindedProfit™09/11/2020 00:45
I just got in the zone, sometimes I just let it flow


Matt09/11/2020 00:35
PS Good book and I knew you were a smoker, that’s why I like you


Matt09/11/2020 00:35
First you should VAPE, it’s cleaner, secondly you are correct, thirdly, such an upward trend in this stock, especially with coverage beginning with two or more brokerage is initiated at five dollars and a buy recommendation, once the shorts get squeezed which they will, there’s a 20% gain right there, the stock has tried a few times, and each time a bear market kills the day, wait for a bull market and decent news and the stock soars... I’m a hold her until 2021, unless they make it $10 prior to that, which would allow me to exit and probably get back in again

ILLMindedProfit™09/11/2020 08:00

yep, you're absolutely right, and I feel like this stock has been weirder and more unpredictable than most. immediately following a day where we are fighting 37% shorts while bears take advantage, but we still fight tooth and nail trying to stay green. and then I swear to God the next day, well get good news and SSR added bonus! I will watch this stock juuuust steadily fall 12% the entire day. defies logic LOL! Jim Cramer rants about stocks n heavy manipulation, I thought of this immediately


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$Ocugen Inc stay away from this one very popular but it's a penny stock probably doing RS its futuretmoore711💾 09/27/2020 13:59
$Sunworks looking good for Monday 🤑🤑 holding 17k shares at 2.41 per shares... down 12k🤭 but still holding this company made me 45k gains on 9/24/20sam***com 09/27/2020 00:53

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