Wall$treet Bully

02/18/2021 23:28

I blame all this bloody shxt on Biden.. or Wall Street Betz 😂😭

Either way I'm still top heavy hodling but holy shxt somebody put a curse on the market this week!! Holding and loading my positions for next week. I don't play with scabs.. somethings up guys..

Good calls and a sell off? Load up boys!!!

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Aroath02/19/2021 07:37
The stock market does better overall with a Democrat. The charts dont lie. Even Obama was better than Trump.

Jal***com02/19/2021 13:49

Numbers dont lie...

Midge’s Sister02/19/2021 12:16

Who tells you these lives? Did you just live through the last year? How dis it work for your portfolio? The markets pedicted a Trump victory this year. The election was rigged.


Bre***com02/19/2021 01:55
More like blame the big shear holders who cut 20millions shares today yesterday they had a cap of 79 millions now its 50millions lol.so wither company lost money or they about to boom alwAys a 50/50 when it comes to stocks so really only riCh ppl aRe to blame for buy stocks cheAp when they could afforD to pay 10 cents more then what ppl on poverty line can affored then we all could go get some Chinese Food Lets do better next week have a bad feeling about tomorrow got 250shares so should be interesting got rid of my fcel stocks for this hope i dont regreat this Choice


Research 24/702/19/2021 01:34
Just a correction! Professional analyst have been warning about this for the last month we are on the verge of a bubble it’s gonna be about a 20% drop in it’ll settle in the shit or flight right back up hold on your stocks don’t sell


Jdudebird02/19/2021 00:29
The market doesnt care who the president is thats a narrow minded point of view


stockman7702/19/2021 00:18
My opinion : trump caused an artificial rise while during biden it's starting to crash , yet he ain't going to do anything about it

sure there were jobs , but none that were livable on . I was employed to a place , yet my hours were so varied it was un-livable and made it impossible to get a second job . salary was equivalent to 8 dollars an hour by my schedule even tho I should be making 15 /hr ( can't live on 8/hr in my state ). I can say one thing that both biden and trump are two of the same coin; just one has more charisma over the other .

Midge’s Sister02/19/2021 12:19

2 jobs for 1800 a month? Yikes? Thats my weekly paycheck fortunately

Midge’s Sister02/19/2021 12:17

Trump caused an artiFicial rise. lol. Your dad tell you that? Im sure powell and the federal reserve (who operate in secret) had nothing to do with it.

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Melvin’s Capital02/19/2021 00:11
Epic bob is dumb dumb

tht1guy9102/19/2021 00:20

satirical statement he made. it almost baited me too lmao


EpicBob02/19/2021 00:03
stock market = us economy!! we're doing super well thanks to trump !! if it wasn't for him the market wouldn't be at all time high!! who cares if people are unemployed, starving without work as long as stock market is up!! /s

Quico02/19/2021 02:40


Cody Campbell02/19/2021 00:33

You can thank democrats for that who wont let people work

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?Juelz??DreamTeamM.V.P???02/19/2021 00:02
Biden 🤔🤔🤔


🖕🐻02/18/2021 23:39

Nuwind02/19/2021 01:13


John stockton02/19/2021 00:30

I made it to the 30 yard line in Jan. I'm back in my end zone now. I just can't side with dems while the media sucks em off every night never holding them accountable. it's a kin to being a Alabama fan but not an AL resident.

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Stonkin dez nutz 02/18/2021 23:37
wondering did you blame the worst economy since 1947 on trump or nah?

Quico02/19/2021 02:38


Quico02/19/2021 02:38

fault 🤡

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DetectiveClarence02/18/2021 23:34
Biden out the course on the market

Wall$treet Bully02/18/2021 23:38

Been noticed.. doing a whole lot of absolutely NOTHING. Place holding


Bah***com02/18/2021 23:33
umm.... it gets worse. tomorrow is Quad Witching

sam.weber702/18/2021 23:37

um wrong. its the 3rd friday in march not february...


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I hope you survived this week, the correction could be over soon, we are ready to have a full and long ride, locked and loaded indeed !!!

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I have few new ones but I'm recalling many from the old ones too

I will send an updates on those and few more, we like diversity.

We lock profits anytime we want. that was explained carefully in last weekend email , the crash was also predicted 3-4 weeks ago in my weekly newsletter when we talked about short ETFs. and indeed it was the first time I included bearish tickers in my watchlist. But it was strange that our picks were attached eventhough they have been undervalued.

Have a great weekend everyone , congrats if you managed to average down or load more on the long term tickers we have!✌✌✌😎

only 3 tickers moved up, the rest went down from last weekend WL , we used this chance to load more and "play dead" , we will be happy soon!
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