09/04/2020 18:17

$TESLA Anyone know how to get gasoline smell out of a new Mercedes. I came to my senses as i was sitting in my new benzs doused in gas cuz Cuz i after i used all my profits to buy car. I repostioned my self with savings at 498. I seen the Bull god said sell rebuy at 375 now im looking for somebody to get tgis smell out my car an mAybe cheap physchiatrist
I know this isnt the last time ill be sitting there in my car contemplating why i made such a gamble
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832****15609/04/2020 18:23
depreciating assets
smart play

I learned the hard way after buying a 2019 m3 competition with bitcoin earnings

Defundpolicebuystock09/04/2020 18:35

Ya try before the housing market in 2008 before the bottom fell out was negative for a few yrs. An it doesnt help most of the places around mine were selling for 100k less then i bought in


Deeds28709/04/2020 18:20
Why do people insist on buying new cars with there stock money doesn't make any sense. Build generational wealth.

Defundpolicebuystock09/04/2020 18:32

What tou think magically ppl going to pay a yr of back rent. Now that would be delusional

Defundpolicebuystock09/04/2020 18:25

Im not buying any more property till more foreclosures happen its coming an since they put another moritorium on rents i want be able to buy that apt. complex till the owner finally defaults lol

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KingCap8909/04/2020 18:19
just light a blunt in it


dav***com09/04/2020 18:18
You should try investing instead of gambling


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