09/04/2020 22:32

$Gores Metropoulos Inc As of now, anyone in this will reap the MASSIVE rewards. The competitor "Velodyne" who is merging with $$Graf Industrial is valued at 1.8billion. This has a enterprise value of 2.9billion with a market capitalization of 3.4billion!!! Extremely under the radar right now and is basically at ground floor! You're welcome.

$Spartan Energy $Diamondpeak Holdings Corp $Volvo $TESLA #letsallmakemoney
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All Comments(7)

Macatee09/07/2020 17:19
I wish u wouldve pointed this out to me a long time ago lol

ksh***com09/07/2020 17:39

If you're getting in under 18$ it's an easy double. if you grab them tomorrow for around 12, you're looking at 3x your investment by end of oct. I'm in 1k at 11, holding till merge. The downside is 8.9% the upside is conservatively 400% possibly much more


jmuli5609/06/2020 21:31
I appreciate the info. Got this one on my watchlist.


Mate09/05/2020 01:01
Lidar will be replaced sooner than u think, and this is coming from someone in the industry

ACESUP1011 09/07/2020 04:45

$Gores Metropoulos Inc???

ksh***com09/05/2020 01:13

100% that's why I'm holding pretty much at bottom price πŸ€™


ksh***com09/04/2020 23:58
Here you go taxman with your lazy ass.

ksh***com09/05/2020 00:53

You just lazy

Taxman09/05/2020 00:28

Was that so hard?! Lesson learned, I hope - never write an essay without proof.
Good luck - get rich!


Kp7***com09/04/2020 23:05
I am invested heavy πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€“

ksh***com09/04/2020 23:50

Hell yah, it will pay off for yah!


Taxman09/04/2020 22:45
A lot of hype without proof should work on most broke individuals. Keep it up

ksh***com09/04/2020 23:50

Hahahaha a simple google search would do you well girlscout. It's not "insight" it's called research. Theres a reason I have the wealth in my portfolio and you just troll on posts contemplating how you can portray your psychosomatic self onto others.

Taxman09/04/2020 23:00

Again - your β€œinsight” without proof meana absolutely nothing to real money makers. You asking me to do research after your essay is pathetic. Good luck tho

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Jorge09/04/2020 22:35
Im not done scalping this, go away πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚


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