09/05/2020 17:15

$TESLA Elon Musk is a Genius no doubts about it. He is also very narcissist, with that being said you can bet he is not going to let $TESLA go down, I think he takes it personal. He probably has some good PR ready for next week. How do you think he's been able to put all these shorts out of business? it only takes to watch the tick sale for a few minutes and you can see how when the bears try the bloody sale a huge amount of sale kick in. He must to have an army in the market working on it 😅
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All Comments(4)

Trickstock09/05/2020 17:54
he said his own stock was overvalued at 1000 pre split...

HomesD09/05/2020 23:34

Actually he said tesla stock was “too expensive“ on 5/1; later they announce a stock split 1/5 thereby lowering the price per share.

Mari**09/05/2020 18:08

and I think he just trying to look humble about it, but when it actually goes down suddenly he drops good news 😂


Midge’s Sister09/05/2020 17:39
I disagree that hes a narcissistic. He accepts failure if it happens, and learns from it.

soc***com09/05/2020 17:49


Mari**09/05/2020 17:47

what are you trying to say, what fail with Tesla according to you?


Nickname09/05/2020 17:33
Some people are so naive!

Mari**09/05/2020 17:39

screenshot this and let's wait and see.


Tho***com09/05/2020 17:17
hes lost 18 billion no way he stands for more

Mari**09/05/2020 17:40

we will see next week😉


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$Genius Brands just .39 more cents and I'll be getting all my money back 😉😉min***com 09/29/2020 20:13
$JUST ENERGY help me what i do ??? Sell or hold😭😭😭Ramsharan Basnet 09/29/2020 20:48

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