09/06/2020 02:19

$TESLA Tuesday will definitely be green, reaching towards 410-430, (would love to see 450, maybe). Be prepared for a sell off towards 370-350, (may see 320 if it fails 180MA). Best case scenario, I’ll be surprised if it continues to go up past 450 (30% chance). If this happens to be a correction in itself and not the market as a whole. However, the market appears to be affected, and what I mentioned earlier will be the worst case scenario. We may even see 270 if panick ensues. Panick is real, just as much as FOMO. Keep your head straight, figure out what is best for your position. Do not hold and hope. The market is emotional, driven by emotional people. The whales use your emotions for and against you.
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All Comments(5)

limit_less_male09/06/2020 02:30
I'll be waiting and watching ready to load up.


Capital$ign09/06/2020 02:28
Market gonna start consolidating from here

WOLFGANG 🐺09/06/2020 02:30



RD297409/06/2020 02:26
250 in two weeks !!!


BubbleMarkets09/06/2020 02:25
all you said was, "it could go up or it could go down."

WOLFGANG 🐺09/06/2020 02:28

Just like any other ”professional analysis” 🤷🏽‍♂️
I’m just going by history. History repeats itself.


Jason09/06/2020 02:23
Fax.. people cant see it bc they are gamblers.. techniCal and fundamental people that actually study hits target... Just happenEd today tesla car big accident killed 3 people and injUred 8 on auto pilot... Im looking for tesla at $280

dan***com09/06/2020 02:24

The car is not fully automated yet so people need to stop being dumb and letting it drive itself


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$NIO Inc. click on news and read end of article on yahoo finance. Boys and girls this is going no where. no matter how great they are doing. if they were so amazing beating tesla and whatever why isn't this 500 yet? there's a reason. I doubt 17 by oct 2. but with possible offering on table being worked out in back ground. its gonna go right back down. than I say we go to moon. I'm a bull. I'm also a bear when need be. but I have not been wrong about this stock not once in last 3 weeks.

FOLLOW ME! seriously.ArmaanOG 09/30/2020 23:24

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