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09/07/2020 03:20

#See trendings on Webull Webull weekly Top 5 popular Stocks (From 8/31 to 9/04)
Happy Monday! We hope you have had a great weekend. Below are the top 5 most popular stocks on Webull last week (8/31/2020 – 9/04/2020), including $Apple, $TESLA, $Genius Brands, $American Airlines, $NIO Inc.. Stock popularity is based on the trading activity of Webull clients. The more clients purchase and hold the stock, the higher the popularity % will be.

Which one of these stocks do you think will maintain its spot in the top 5 popular stock list this week? Will it rise or decline? Which stock do you think may be knocked off the list and by which company? Sound off below and discuss with other community members.
NIO Inc.-0
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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ume***com09/16/2020 12:52


Minhaz09/15/2020 12:13
Tesla will keep going until 9/22 (gussinh around $500) than it will come down ! What do you guys think ?


Hoov09/15/2020 00:19
Anyone going to talk about $Spartan Energy in here!! hard to beat the last week!


805****89309/10/2020 15:02
Genieus Brand


bullbaltz09/09/2020 20:22
Tesla with low volume manage to go up 😀


Pat***com09/09/2020 05:55

win***com09/15/2020 05:03



tam***com09/09/2020 00:03
American Airlines


yur***com09/09/2020 00:01


hey***com09/08/2020 23:02
Genius Brand Decline Apple


theundergroundmyth_ 09/08/2020 21:10
For some dumb reason you make gnus on your top pick every week and they suck. Get rid of them!!!

747****36509/10/2020 02:46

Chna has picked up the childs Network

air***com09/09/2020 15:23

They do suck!! I don't think even Arnold can save them.

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Greenkutz09/08/2020 19:18
I seriously $HOPE that $Apple and $TESLA rise . “ With Urgentcy....” !!!


Mel***com09/08/2020 17:46
Does anyo e knkw the ticker symbol foe the 5G newly patanted thays the size of a grain if sand but will be the next blowout stock starting around $2.00 a share. its supposed to be the cruz behikd ALLLLL 5g communication. i am so so tired of watching 45 Min videos, paying money to be lead on more and i just want to know the ticker that has 77employees and will be the next tech giant from this Oct going through 2025. PLEASE if anyone knows please share!!! 🙏😁

Beamer201409/14/2020 14:51

1 of 5 g ticker FNGWF currently 1.22 a share
not sure if its a good 1 yet

grg***com09/11/2020 19:00


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LEA YATIM09/08/2020 17:42
AAPL will pick up soon
But seems like a slow motion increase

Haitham09/08/2020 19:35

totally agree with you


kle***com09/08/2020 17:39


Lamarjr09/08/2020 17:18
Apple gone keep goin up


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$Walt Disney

Disney 124 Put called it before bell
10/02 got it in at 0.95

$TESLA $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Apple $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group Alec Patel 09/29/2020 22:04
Good afternoon
How is everyone doing?
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This is the stock i am buying tonight and sell tomorrow for 10%+ gains.
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Also watching
$$LM Funding
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$$Genius Brands

Have a peaceful night.
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To YAHUSHA alone be the glorymastertrader101 09/29/2020 21:56
$Genius Brands just .39 more cents and I'll be getting all my money back 😉😉min***com 09/29/2020 20:13
$JUST ENERGY help me what i do ??? Sell or hold😭😭😭Ramsharan Basnet 09/29/2020 20:48

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