09/08/2020 11:51

if u listened to me last week when I predicted the Double Dip pullbacc and ur PUT options in place.....
DONT BE GREEDY. Take your profits AND get in position for the bounce!
remember in EVERY double dip there's millions to be made on the bounce.
expect the NASDAQ to retreat to the 21MA then BOUNCE and that's when u grab your CALLS!
happy hunting 🏄💰
$TESLA $Alphabet $Amazon.com $ZOOM VIDEO
#Options trading Strategies
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HJ09/08/2020 13:10
What's your opinion on amazon this week? Im in a tough position. on thursday i bought a 9/11 call with a 3440 strike price and im currently down 4k. Any thoughts on strategy? Should i just hold and hope it starts to come up by friday? Or should i cut my losses today? This premarket is looking bad!

HJ09/08/2020 13:19

thanks for the advice! So you believe there will be a bounce by friday for me to at least recover some of my equity?

TilleryEnterprises09/08/2020 13:14

I think your sp is too high HJ. I would wait for the bounce of the 21MA then I would cash in take a lil loss and then reposition on a call with a later EX by Friday for the bounce.


TraderJim09/08/2020 12:30
gonna throw you a follow.. always good to see other tradera that provide tradable info.. great post

TilleryEnterprises09/08/2020 13:14

Thanks Jim 👍 Happy Hunting!


202****34909/08/2020 12:09
good morning just looking for advice
i want to buy some options and i was wondering if you could give me some pointer into which stock i should invest in and if should buy a put or a call option.
I'm asking you because i know you're the 🐐 your predictions are crazy accurate.

TilleryEnterprises09/08/2020 13:15

I would wait until EOD if your not good at charting. However if your good at charting then pounce when u see the bounce😉😂

321****34009/08/2020 12:14

when should i buy tesla calls

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$JUST ENERGY im confusedVibelife 09/27/2020 18:14
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$Corsair Gaming, Inc. an amazing company high quality computer principles for like forever ⭐ $Apple a boring growth stock but will grow guaranteed.
$Boeing overlooked they can make anything another slow but steady
$TESLA I would think one would want this in their portfolio the leader in EV also look at $NIO Inc. could be the better bargain now already established like TSLA
$AMD might not be the best time to get in might go down but a leader in tech cpu ect. also $Intel these two companies will battle it out for years to come.
$Rocket Companies a leader in mortgages finances they want to be Amazon of financing I'll take that any day.
$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust it just goes up if you're just starting out in your 20s teens my God by one.

$Ocugen Inc stay away from this one very popular but it's a penny stock probably doing RS its futuretmoore711💾 09/27/2020 13:59
$Sunworks looking good for Monday 🤑🤑 holding 17k shares at 2.41 per shares... down 12k🤭 but still holding this company made me 45k gains on 9/24/20sam***com 09/27/2020 00:53

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