09/08/2020 13:10

I just woke up and OMG it’s a bloodbath😳. But I hope everyone realizes it’s the market and not the companies themselves. Yesterday I went through the Nasdaq historical data and backtracked to 2000 Dot.com bubble, 2008 Housing market crash, 2020 March-April Pandemic crash and realized that there were always some very clear indicators the market was going to crash. The common denominator is that anytime it drops more than 7% of its all time high within a short amount of time. It’s seems to be a freefall📉. Bad news is we’re awfully close rn and even went below on Friday. I believe that if Nasdaq goes under 11288 (which is ATH of 12074.07 x 7%) it’s going to be bad and very likely that we will be entering into bear market. It also seems that the chart is supporting that theory there is a clear head and shoulders bearish pattern with a neckline located around that 11288 mark.
So I think if Nasdaq < 11288 = market crash | If Nasdaq > 11288 = just market correction. $TESLA $Apple $NIO Inc.
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rba***com09/08/2020 14:00
down 2% is a bloodbath?......

📲mtmsolutions.ca💕09/08/2020 14:02

Tesla is down 17% but ok 👀


jaz***com09/08/2020 13:27
market been up so much
wer due for the big correction
so this is normal. enoy shopping 🛍


ima***com09/08/2020 13:17
your learning


humbled09/08/2020 13:14
good observation. let's see how it goes.


BigC09/08/2020 13:12
Go back to sleep


ClevelandTrader09/08/2020 13:12
Dude, it's the company. Too many promises undelivered.

📈🤜🏻💥🤛🏻📉09/08/2020 13:14

They are literally building 3 huge factories right now.

John09/08/2020 13:13

Lol ur stupid its the market everything is down


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