09/08/2020 15:49

$TESLA it's because people panic and are inherently stupid..

there has been zero bad news for tesla...

people dont know how to invest long term..

not being included I the sp500 doesnt mean anything... they can get included whenever it's people not know when and spewing nonsense is what get shit in trouble....
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Bez09/08/2020 16:27
Institutional algorithms with buying and selling power that most traders and investors cumulatively could not match, but sure bud. keep your face in a vacuum


Broot09/08/2020 15:53
there was bad news
1) $4bil stock sell off by managers
2) stockholder with 7% stake in company shares also announced sell off
3) tesla lost sp500 spot

but really that a lot of liquidated company


Upthemountain09/08/2020 15:51
Except that s&p inclusion was a really important catalyst for this stock for the last few months...

I believe in the company, but its really gonna need something big to go back up from here.

che***com09/08/2020 15:53

what is happening is false/misinformation...

this is a gold mine stock..

watch itll get included.. them not being included is what they want for the stock to tank so they can buy it... once it hits it's all time low or whatever they'll flip the switch included it and the panic sellers will be left in the dust...


Ana***com09/08/2020 15:51
Similarly there was zero news when it shot to 500+ , tesla defying all stock market logic


Reza09/08/2020 15:50
zero bad news!!! LOL
wake up..
no s&p... all the hypes were cuz everyone thought tesla was going to be included.. thats why it qent up so much... LOL

che***com09/08/2020 15:51

you do realize you can get included in the sp500 at ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON


Celtic 🌙 Valhalla09/08/2020 15:50
Its because the stock market, tech sector is crashing


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