09/09/2020 02:05

This has a been a wild run, if you cant handle volatility, you are in the wrong business. This stock has gone almost 8x since March so what do you expect? To go up forever? I hear what you’re saying, its ”TESLA“ ”its the future”...well welcome to the equity markets people. Even as extraordinary as Tesla is, stocks will take a beating inevitably BUT let me tell you. This baby is gonna come back and cOme back stronger than ever. If you’re trying to make a quick buck then take your loss and move on but for those who see the bigger picture, PATIENCE!! You will be rewarded sooner rather than later. I started bulding a position since $375, slowly adding. Will probably drop to $280 and I will load heavy on it. And if the market crashes will probably see under $200 so even better but highly unlikely. Just to give you some clarity.
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All Comments(7)

Teryaki09/09/2020 02:36
Im just adding more to my portfolio at these prices. Long hold for sure.

air***com09/09/2020 02:43

Smart! Loading up as well. LETS GO!!


347****84609/09/2020 02:25
Great comment you really know what are you talking. patience is the key to success, this princess will come back stronger than ever, let the weak hands sell it.

air***com09/09/2020 02:34

I don’t get people freaking out and panic selling. This is not a penny stock for f**k sake. Now i feel bad for those who bought $500. Geez! It may take longer for them.


Bez09/09/2020 02:20
Now for those who think this isnt a business...
How do?

air***com09/09/2020 02:36

🤣🤣🤣 well sit tight and hope for the best

☣Yoga for Kleptocracy☣09/09/2020 02:25

He Jay!


Bez09/09/2020 02:19
Well said.


Dishwasher6009/09/2020 02:16
Shh 🤫


Chandler09/09/2020 02:10


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