09/09/2020 20:46

$Spartan Energy Still sitting on your hands WAITING for the catalyst here, instead of cashing in on the market? I mean theres nothing wrong with long swings, but why let it limit your capital gains???

$TESLA made people millionaires on its way up, and then again on its way down 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

Ill be back once this thing gets its news cataylst for a quick buck.

Good luck to you all.
Spartan Energy-0
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Shu***edu09/09/2020 20:58
SPAQ is increasing steadily enough that since Webull upgraded the margin to 4x again, I’m comfortable adding shares using the buying power they give me after my account is marked to market each night. The majority of it goes into SPAQ, while the rest of it is getting spread among other companies I want to build positions in. When the merger spike happens, I want as many shares as I can reasonably get to maximize my immediate profit before selling down to my long-term target. I’m sure the margin will be reduced again after the merger (if not before), and I’m willing to take a margin call for a day if it coincides with the spike, knowing that I’ll easily meet the call by selling the shares I wasn’t keeping anyway but can maximize my profit off of before dumping them.

straightcashhomie09/09/2020 21:31

To your point, you would have had to secure a Tesla position prior to the split, rode the 70% rise, and then picked up some puts (just as i had recommended) to cash in on Tesla.

tesla is a going to gain traction leading up to battery day, after that who knows?

I like apple too. im mostly liquid right now. Trying to navigate the bipolar overinflated market requires too much energy.

Im just chillin and wating on news catalysts to scalp some easy cash.

Shu***edu09/09/2020 21:18

That’s assuming Tesla has already bottomed out. I’d rather roll with Apple, which has 4x margin while Tesla is only 2x. I wouldn’t have nearly the maintenance buffer necessary to avoid a margin call if I go heavy on Tesla and it continues to tank.

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Tallsalesman09/09/2020 20:49
Short term vs long term cpaital gains tax

straightcashhomie09/09/2020 21:32

When it does, ill throw some free Tesla money at SPAQ ✊

Shu***edu09/09/2020 21:25

It’s not hoping if the news catalyst is imminent.

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$JUST ENERGY im confusedVibelife 09/27/2020 18:14
My investors starter's kit ⭐ building a solid portfolio.⭐ these are all long positions don't day-trade most are losers on Webull who lose money they don't know how to do it. if you're just starting out you don't know either.

⭐cryptocurrencies will give you the biggest bang of your buck in the future Bitcoin is the gold standard theirs many others highly volatile study as much as you can have knowledge and awareness

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$Ocugen Inc stay away from this one very popular but it's a penny stock probably doing RS its futuretmoore711💾 09/27/2020 13:59

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