09/10/2020 04:17

$TESLA Seems like a lot of new traders here. Look at the .com hype then crash that took almost 16 years to reach previous levels. Look at aurora cannabis as an example of the cannabis run. Whats it now like 7 bucks from a 107. If your investment capitol is play money then so be it. But if you cant afford to loose your money You might aught to pull out and watch From the sidelines till we all see where this is going. This is just to help any new traders out there that may not know how these things can go. When the .com bubble burst it left some prople in bad shape for over a decade. Im holding csll and put options so im not pushing or hyping this in any direction. From these comments i see on here there are many that have no idea what could come.
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All Comments(8)

TESLA AI09/10/2020 05:33
🤦‍♂️Grammar and punctuation sucks, you look like an illiterate online. Why should we believe you?

all***com09/10/2020 05:37

Dont believe me and read and do research. This isnt the first dream stock to come along. Theres been many just like it over the years. Research it yourself.


Ali***com09/10/2020 05:24
you got a iv crush only the broker made out your comments make no sense


Bull Run09/10/2020 04:39
Listen bro im here with you. I had a put going into yesterday it looked fat then shrunk. Carrying 3 calls into tomorrow. im no guru im a regular man that studies some charts in down time. Dont lose your shorts prople, Ive made 6 grand in a day and lost 10. First losses are SHOCKING, leaves a pit in your stomach.

Beanspirited09/10/2020 06:39

options and Greeks (specifically theta) can sneak in from nowhere and destroy you on volatile stocks. if you're relatively new, I'd ask you from personal experience to spend a lot of time studying Greeks and premium scams before looking at options as a profitable trade.

Bull Run09/10/2020 04:40

If your in it your in it but have a general idea. And dont get emotionally attached to 3/4 grand. its not even paper, its an app on your phone


pte***com09/10/2020 04:34
you're comparing technology to .com and cannabis. does technology literally not advance and get better everyday? there is no dead end to tech. which is why this is stupid.

all***com09/10/2020 04:47

Without warning. Thats just one example

all***com09/10/2020 04:46

The big thing that your missing is competition. Theres a lot of it out there. If tesla was so strong The slightest lik bit of negative news wouldnt send hurling downward. Buy the way it can go down easier than it goes up. Ive made and lost money in both directions eith this stock. People especially the newer Traders should know the risk with this one so they can play there hand knowing the risk. The first tech company that has a break thru of some sort of bew tech. You watch how fast tedla drops


MoneyMakinMike09/10/2020 04:24
what if you trade with stop losses? Can that help?

all***com09/10/2020 04:34

Stop losses are great to use for sure.


fjord67609/10/2020 04:20
and what are your credentials?

all***com09/10/2020 04:24

? Whats your point. Its called research. Do some and look back at the markeT over the past 25 years to begin with.


Familyman09/10/2020 04:18
Including you

all***com09/10/2020 04:21

I have no idea which way its going. Lol thats the reason for put & calls


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