Psychic Day Trades

09/10/2020 07:42

$TESLA Oh plz the ”tesla killer” 🤣🤣🤣 Rome wasn’t built in a day...I’m sure at Tesla headquaters they are scrambling for answers on how to address this🤡
ya I keep order 3800 mah batteries...when I get to 10k of them I plan on strapping them together with electrical tape, a washing machine motor... its that simple...I’m taking applications for my team. PLEASE!
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Sac***.jp09/10/2020 13:02


Detroit John09/10/2020 11:48
It's a $146,000 vehicle, not really competition for Tesla, totally different price point 🤔 🙄


wes***com09/10/2020 07:56
what are futures showing? up or down today?

Psychic Day Trades09/10/2020 08:00



cam***com09/10/2020 07:48
I'm not worried about lucid but their ceo was previously at Tesla. Will supposably release their first vehicle next year.

Psychic Day Trades09/10/2020 07:51

He better walk a straight line...I’m sure you are familiar with other companies the have employed ex-tesla engineers making cars with identical features being sued. Some of these prototypes are laughable in resemblance to the model 3


mau09/10/2020 07:44
Teslas new headqarters address will be Texas...👍🏼

Psychic Day Trades09/10/2020 07:46

Ya they should get out of California. 👍


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