09/11/2020 09:40

$TESLA Does anybody have some advice on trading the open for Amazon or Tesla? Do we wait for a certain % move on the 1st green candle like the 1st green candle that moves 1% after a selloff or wait for it to be 1/4% 80 cents or so from yesterdays close. what exactly are we looking for to make a successful trade after the bell on these?
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stock 109/11/2020 10:10
never buy in the open. Tesla is behaving with market trend and its too risky. the rocket is not rocketing like it did. so a bit to risky.

phi***com09/11/2020 10:20

Yes true. pivot support level and RSI amd time of day all those things can interact to become a factor for sure. Stay diligent for sure.


ldw***com09/11/2020 10:05
Thanks I've never looked at RSI but it looks like a great indicator topping out around 70 and bottoming out around 30.

phi***com09/11/2020 10:19

Always show discipline amd patience or you will lose money take profit when you should and dont buy until you should just wait even if its a few days of waiting. have a good risk reward with your trades bro

phi***com09/11/2020 10:17

Yes, but ise the RSI on the default webull page on line chart. on a break ot high of day or previous day or 52 week high you dont wanna buy the break you wanna wait intil the 1 day RSI pulls back some to at least 60 rsi off that break. Will usually pullback below the breakout amd you you cam then get a lower entry. after a few pushes higher maybe be out with your profit if its a day trade and then your looking for the 5 day RSI to pullback to 55 or 50 let that really reset before u buy again


phi***com09/11/2020 09:56
Amazon in 3100's is safest stock on planet for your entire account value. Will give you access t o 2x the margin as Tesla also because its a 4x stock. Tesla is a 2d margin stock. So for every dollar on Amazon you get twice as much margin to use amd Amazon being the more established stock and will probably split soon ita gonna have a nice run. Loading amazom in 3100s and 3500+ before earnings. Would like to get 100% of my account on Amazon in 3100's and trade other stuff like Tesla using a little margin u know.


FERDAAA09/11/2020 09:48
Im honestly considering selling here while it gapped. It could gap fill at open and go down. NOBODY here actually knows and if someone tries to tell you otherwise, just know theyre probably clinically insane 👍

phi***com09/11/2020 09:59

Would not be a bad idea at all. but of we drop back to like 330 consider reloading. Be willing to take what it gives you.


Elhung16909/11/2020 09:47
Don't ever try to play the open, i too volatile, and mostly I've noticed all the noobs buy at the bell and end uo bagholding

MelMelGFY09/11/2020 09:50

co-signed by me, an ultra-newb. pre-market seems like such a daily trap. had to learn the hard way.


end***com09/11/2020 09:43
buy low sell high 😎

phi***com09/11/2020 09:50

Thanks. RSI tends to work reasonably effectively. Like even when it breaks out past 52 week high or previous days high, dont buy that break. Let it pullback some to 60 RSI or less. Let it settle in after the small pullback on those breaks. have learned that you have to have a willingness to get on and take risk but show restraint at all times to improve the risk reward ratio.


☣Yoga for Kleptocracy☣09/11/2020 09:42
JKY No Username Puppet Noodle

phi***com09/11/2020 09:45

Just go back to bed you dummy.


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