09/11/2020 20:53

$TESLA $Apple Warning ⚠️ as the markets closed today, you can see this is controled and manipulated by the big boys. They’re basically toying with us. This consolidation makes me think that the smart money is not done selling off all of their positions. Obviously waiting for the fed to release more stimulus but look at the low volume today. Retail can’t even get the market to move. So I wouldnt recommend buying in just yet until this settles in and have clearer picture.
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Hulalove20 09/16/2020 02:50
Just checking you out. Didn’t know If you were a blind bull based your comment. You do look like Jon snow. i thought used his picture.

air***com09/16/2020 03:04

Nah bro. I follow the trends and price action. I wait for confirmations before making a move. These past 2 days have been wonderland for the bulls specially for tesla fanboys. I feel like the sharks aka smart money are just waiting silently to make their next move. By the way im a big GOT fan and i do not look like john snow lol 🐺


rob***com09/11/2020 21:03
they claiming safe buying is around 87-95.

air***com09/11/2020 21:07

I think that’s very possible


Mike B.09/11/2020 21:00
Im putting my hands in tHe cookie Jar around 98-95$

air***com09/11/2020 21:08

Me too! Start building from there


TriBullTattoos09/11/2020 21:00
Today was like that erie moment when everyone heads back in their house and hides in barrels minutes before the big bad gunslinger in all black comes strolling thru town.. all we saw was conspicuous tumbleweeds today..

air***com09/11/2020 21:08

No joke bud! 😂


John&Sof 09/11/2020 21:00
Stimulus is not gonna being approved. more jobs open, jobless claims ve decreased for 2 weeks.

Trustthebeard09/11/2020 21:14

Stim will happen Only if the market falls quite a bit more. Dxy was at 100 when the first stim passed. So they could weaken it. now it is 93 and looking maybe bullish? no stimunless the dollar can take a hit. nothing to do with pilitics or election.

air***com09/11/2020 21:09

Yeah i dont think it will happen either


visitant trader09/11/2020 20:58
I totally agree....

air***com09/11/2020 21:23

Got to play along smartly


VR09/11/2020 20:57
on an unrelated note you look like Jon Snow

VR09/11/2020 21:17

Lol 🐺🐺

air***com09/11/2020 21:10

My lord!! 🤣 Lmao! so ive been told without the hair 😅

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TriBullTattoos09/11/2020 20:56
Fully agree 👌🏼

air***com09/11/2020 21:11

Do not get eaten by the sharks 😬


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