09/14/2020 16:59

$TESLA I sold earlier today and sadly went up 9 more bucks... at least I'm out of this, I didn't leave with a big gain, but after more than a week of waiting on this to move up I realized this is not a day trading profit making company. This is a very long term money maker, I'm a day trader. I was making 300-500 dollars every other day and this made me wait 13 days to gain 120 bucks. As you can see, this ruined my streak but best of luck for you long term traders. This will make you money in months from now but if you're a day trader you're in the wrong spot my friend
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Jlo***com09/14/2020 17:04
But see, this is where homework showsimproves. Battery Day is just ahead and Shanghai is about about to rapidly increase production. Changes to Nevada and Hayward are about start showing number results. Berlin is 7 months away. Austin 14-16 months. And S&P inclusion will happen. Finally, the most visible other EV suppliers are still behind. Except Rivian (Go Rivian!!!) That's the point Tesla doesn't have competitors, they have fellow Earth improvers. Big Picture. Oh, and I can't wait until they license their products to other supplier with intelligence.

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:11

yeah, exactly what I said "long term" I don't have the money you have to wait months that you mentioned things will occur. I make money daily, not a big chunk months ahead. You're wise at what you do, I'm good at faster money not long term. I never said this was a bad stock but definitely not one to make quick bucks fast


Jus***com09/14/2020 17:04
You caught it completely wRong time or didnt cut a small loss for re Entry

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:13

yeah I did get in at wrong time but I still made profit which is good


SwingTrader09/14/2020 17:04
I see it super volatile, if you dont malr money mean you were scAred

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:13

I wasn't scared and I did make money, check what I wrote again 😊


Dmk5100009/14/2020 17:02
Waiting a week for a stock omg you poor baby

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:04

In that week i could've made 600-800 dollars instead I made 120. See the difference? I'm still proud i gained and didn't lose


WeakPaperHands09/14/2020 17:01
Agreed my friend. Tesla have been more of a weekly play for me and even then youre only making 25-100 Bucks. Dont get me wrong, this stock is a great long term hold, just isnt good for day traders. With that said, im holding until battery day before i sell.

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:05

That's good for you, I bet it will go up on battery day and wish you the best of luck my friend 👍🏼


Hulalove20 09/14/2020 17:01
more like Swing trading

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:06

nah, id use 30% of my profit per trade. So I would make money every other day or every day when I only used 1/3rd of my profit. But I averaged down on this one until all of my money was in there and it still kept going down. That's why I'm out, with a little bit of gain


Hulalove20 09/14/2020 17:01
Beautiful day trading you just got in at the wrong time

Syl***com09/14/2020 17:07

You're perhaps right, thank you for the feedback

GoGetta09/14/2020 17:02

I agree


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