Soggy Bottom Boys

09/14/2020 20:18

$TESLA Made good gains today!! Made over $300 with my 420/425 Call Debit Spreads! I sold them earlier bc i was up about 200% in profit! But if i didnt sell them a few hours ago, i would have made over $2,000 profit if i would have waited until right before 4PM close to sell!

I also bought a 595/600 9/25 Call Debit Spread for only $24 (0.24) about 2 hours ago and now im up almost 1,000% and made over $200 profit from that!

I love trading Spreads!! Less expensive and still get great gains!
I do have just a few reg Calls and up a small $100 for that!
Made over $600 profit today with TSLA but bummed that i sold the 420/425 Spread too early!
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ima***com09/14/2020 22:42
nothing is selling early on gsins but when gains are to to goto be true 👍 it could be time to ring in profits on the house so you don't further lose gains glsd you closed a 420 position.

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 22:54

See my comment i left below for Ganny earlier today!! I ALWAYS tell people to sell especially when theyre up 100% or more! Dont have to sell them all but for people NOT TO SELL ANY is a bad bad mistake that you wont see many experienced Option traders do!!
They/We have been around long enough to know how fast profits can be lost!

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 22:51

I sold most of my Options trades already today! Been around long enough to NOT just sit there holding them (like MANY MANY beginners do) and then waych all my profits disappear!!
I bought into probably 40-50 contracts today (Calls, Puts and Spreads) with different Stocks and sold all but a handful!
Usually Ill keep open trades that are 100% free for me bc i sold enough for Profit to leave them as ”Runners”!


OptionsDoctor09/14/2020 22:15
Good stuff I like spreads as well due their risk to reward ratio, but I like the OTM options even more on the right stocks!

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 22:59

I hear ya bro! I try to stay as close to ATM as i can for the most part but yea, ”some” of the OTM Options are so damn nice profit-wise! Lol


ganny09/14/2020 20:30
still holding on my 495/500 call debit spread! batterry day is coming

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 21:09

Nice!! I would def sell a few here and there to lock in profits! But def keep most open for after Battery Day!
I do have other trades with Tesla going on as well.


Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 20:23
Sorry, i wouldnt have made the 2,000 if i didnt sell my first set of Spreads. I meant to say i would have made over $230 for each of my 420/425 Spreads that i bought for $70 each.
My bad!!
So, im not too bummed out about selling those!


Lovekency 09/14/2020 20:22
I would love to understand how spread work

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 21:12

I LOVE trading Spreads!!! Dont have to pay as much money like you do when you buy regular Contracts but of course Profits arent “as good” either!
I trade all types of Spreads... Debit Spreads, Credit Spreads and then of course “Strangles, Straddles and Iron Condors”, among others!


518****10309/14/2020 20:21
can u trade debit spreads on webull?..if do how

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 20:24

I know they werent available awhile ago! Not sure if you can or not??
But your other brokers should allow them! You do use at least to 2-3 other brokers to trade on everyday, right?


BizarreTrades09/14/2020 20:19
Great work!

Soggy Bottom Boys09/14/2020 22:57

Thanks man! Had a bunch of bad trades the last few weeks (with some good) but mainly took a beating!
Lose some/Win some! But as long as the Wins make up (and then some) for the losses??!! 👍🏻👍🏻


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