09/16/2020 00:17

$TESLA The wealthy are smart yall gotta realize they know how to play with amateurs which including me im one... They will raise this stock when people baught puts and make them sell for a huge loss. Then when you wanna buy calls like everyone probably did by now guess what? Theyre gonna drop the hammer and now theres not as much puts for people to make it. Thats My thoughts on tesla
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Hulalove20 09/16/2020 00:23
You know what’s up. That’s why i dipped today of calls. 160% up... i got a feeling in the air that everybody is just too happy and sure. It feels like the kinda day when you Get f’kd up out of jo where..... and if Im wrong, ill buy a better position.


BigC09/16/2020 00:19
Who told you our secret?

FOMO_DEMON🤬09/16/2020 00:25


Fernandobenz09/16/2020 00:20

Lmao i dont believe you show me your portfolio. the guys im talking about probably holding like 50k Shares


Fernandobenz09/16/2020 00:19
Holding strong on my puts till friday


Fernandobenz09/16/2020 00:18
I realized it a little too late but i see their Game now


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