09/16/2020 08:21

$TESLA QUESTION AND HONEST TRUTH PLEAE!!! i lost my ass before the split hung in and ended up taking giannt loss!!! Because i was commited to Staying put for options call.... Thinking about selling stocks and going for a call option like 3 deep in the money your thoughts SOMEONE HELP!! and much appreciated !!
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nko***com09/16/2020 08:45
Hold until battery day You would of probably made your money bavk


lukw sager09/16/2020 08:26
If youre gonna do it i would atleast grab a contract that covers battery investor day like october 2nd and i wouldnt hold until expiration just sell your contract when its up a good chunk come friday monday or tuesday


sja***com09/16/2020 08:24
always sell stock to buy options. just do a leap for like March 2021 so you don't lose sleep. I bought tsla options when it was at $480. hopefully it runs up to over $500 before battery day. just tell yourself you won't be greedy. buy delta 0.70 or around there


😈09/16/2020 08:23
600 call for sept 19th.


Basil09/16/2020 08:23
Naked deep in the money the safest with stop loss

6 Zeros Group09/16/2020 08:24



Killua09/16/2020 08:22
It’s risk assessment. Truly a gamble.

Cap***com09/16/2020 08:25

Thanks bud


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