09/16/2020 15:13

$TESLA Ok I was lurking but I guessnI will post. Dont enter the stock market with wide eyes and a head full of dreams. Look at the data presented. Last week was a correction. It exposed the true values of stocks. Tesla fell to 330 which is where it was at presplit. I feel Tsla is a great companY and will dominate years to comebut it stock is overvalued. Yea it may go up until battery day, bubut then what? Always prepare for it to go down aswell. Hold cash for any big dips. Im not a bull or bear, Im a hustler. I will buy both calls and puts, whatever makes me money.
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vin***com09/16/2020 15:17
330 Wasnt true valuation, have some education, its just where the general NASDAQ created a support

HoodRich09/16/2020 15:59

I agree I didnt use the proper wording. I guess my point was, TSLA, like other tech companies, have great future potential but they are suspecitble to big swings so dont be a bull or bear, but be both. Same with NVDA. Great company, and the ARM acquisition is huge. But the deal is still 18months out and we have yet to see what NVDA does with the ARM acquisition. I rode the NVDA train up and now am profiting on puts on the way down. Anyway thanks for the discussion, you seem knowledgable.

and***com09/16/2020 15:36

So when you say "makes no sense", its because you're focused on present day investment which is fine for you. What isnt fine is that you're pretending like you know what you're talking about and spewing ignorant knowledge. Be more reflective and process your information before you tell others your thoughts.

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TraderJim09/16/2020 15:16
well said 👏

and***com09/16/2020 15:17

well said? wtf LOLOLOL


and***com09/16/2020 15:16
True valuation and supports are not the same. The 330 is a heavy support line, NOT TRUE VALUATION. At least get your info right.

HoodRich09/16/2020 15:50

And where would you place support?

and***com09/16/2020 15:38

My guy, you're giving a run around and backtracking your statement. And no, the resistant isnt at 455. It literally jumped to 462 yeterday and even 457 recently.

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