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09/23/2020 09:51

#Tesla Battery Day $TESLA’s big battery event was ended on Tuesday evening with some big news about the pricing of Tesla's future cars and the announcement of a new ultra-fast version of today's Model S.

Here are the main takeaways from Tesla’s 2020 battery day:

5.A $25,000 CAR IS A NEW GOAL

Discussion today: What's your thoughts and concerns on Tesla's big battery event and the big announcements?

What’s your predictions on the price of $TESLA in the upcoming weeks?

Sound off in the Webull community and discuss with other investors. Let your trading knowledge inspire others!
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(37)

she***com09/28/2020 03:40
I had a $100 in my account now is not there ! Put it back webull Is this app a fraud or thief If you get signed out and you sign back in Your money should still be there. Well iTs noT Whats good

AndrewCog09/28/2020 09:18

Maybe your transfer got denied?


💰 money09/28/2020 01:03


BigC 8%09/27/2020 14:21
Way to much over hype, i play tesla but thats some scary shit, date, dont marry it 😎🧠😎

VinnyLogz09/28/2020 10:02

Incorrect. Marrying it, as in the longterm is the only Way to mske real money. dating it(short term) you will end up being stressed and most likely losing money


Hob***com09/26/2020 16:22

BigC 8%09/27/2020 14:23

Looks like a bathroom wall here 🤣


G-Raves09/26/2020 13:34
$TESLA is showing that they are driving battery cost down fast enough to reach price parity with gas powered cars in the next few years.


des***com09/25/2020 19:45
#Sunworks geat opportunity to score big on Monday with this one. Get in AH before the takeoff


Aidourtroops Ed Aya09/25/2020 12:44
battery day a total fiasco, musk should have done battery day in 2 years, not now ...


Mojopin3309/25/2020 09:35
Everyone who's looking at a P/E over 5000 and thinking that any, literally ANY news justifies that deserves the historic loss they're definitely going to receive. You think this is new? See Cisco in 2000. They were going to supply the internet revolution. Valued at half a trillion dollars and then, as with every single time anything has been inflated that much, it burst losing 75% of it's value suffering all the way to today. It's happened before, it's happening now, it will happen again. You don't seem to understand you can love a company but see that it's overpriced. Failure to distinguish between the two will be your undoing.

919****70009/28/2020 03:08

Your obviously not an engineer. Can't use old metrics to analyze something this revolutionary. 'It's happening now'? I'm up 330% this year, how u doin?


Bez09/24/2020 18:23


G*****09/24/2020 10:04
$Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp 🚀🚀🚀💵💵💵


cash company09/24/2020 05:57
heads up webull people...$SPI Energy was a scam they were going bankrupt I'm getting kicked off now the deck when I decided to run some ads saying a bunch of Lies. hundreds of millions of dollars thrown down the drain
SPI Energy-0SPI Energy-1SPI Energy-2SPI Energy-3

AndrewCog09/28/2020 09:20

Reminds me oF kodk

thi***com09/24/2020 21:23

I've been getting a lot of clickbait from them over the last several weeks. about them being a really good energy company to invest in. I swear I even read that Warren Buffett had some money there. but I could be wrong. it might have been a different one. but I definitely have been seeing a lot of hype about this company for some time now. it's nuts what happened. Almost makes me wonder how much it will settle at, that is, if it doesn't crash completely, if it does proves to be a chop shop..

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Lou***com09/24/2020 05:27
awesome opportunity and great job #tsla


Tony Stark09/24/2020 03:49
It was poorly executed from an investment stand point.

Everything they announced was ground breaking and insane from a science and engineering perspective.

If you followed the presentation you would see that the advancements announced would definitely be able to support a million mile battery since the new cells will have better thermal management and be able to control degradation in the silicon anode which would be the main contributors to battery degradation.

They just didn’t outright say “a million mile battery”

That misstep I feel hs more to do with the presentation being geared towards academic and industry experts vs being dumbed down for investors to digest.

The same thing happened on Autonomy Day. Investors had no idea what they were talking about and the stock subsequently dropped. Howeve, as the days wore on and more people were able to digest the information the stock recouped the losses.

Elon and friends need to get a marketer. A hypeman of sorts. Someone who knows how to deliver the information in a way that people inderstand and truly grasp how important the advancements are.

Right now it’s like sitting in a lecture at college covering an important section of the final exam. Everyone knows it’s important but very few are paying attention because pd it’s mind numbing delivery

Mojopin3309/25/2020 09:30

5457 P/E. There's absolutely nothing for the next 25 years they can announce that isn't priced in. The fact that you try and seem intelligent while denying the fact that they're trading at over 5000 times earnings, 85% of which was government credits, immediately disqualified everything else you said. If you like the battery tech, invest in Panasonic.

thi***com09/24/2020 21:35

We should be praying they don't get a spokesman to break things down into layman's terms to the vast majority, most of who are rarely in the uninitiated investors category. This is our opportunity, to actually have somewhat of an edge, against the bigwigs at wall street and most of the smart money. we do have to consider the fact that a lot of the groundbreaking tech he's revealing, which isn't new stuff, will be trickled out over decades, as it always is. We won't see it all at once.

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Tan_viir09/24/2020 01:49
Very big news!!! the stock is on 360 mode!!🤣


Please 09/23/2020 23:39
and it didn't do anything for them


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