09/24/2020 09:04

R u ready? Trump is gonna screw tesla in some ways. R.I.P. for bulls.
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GodrickSmasher09/24/2020 12:19
Elon is gonna USA ( Trumper ) Space X Rockets are all booked for several years..Since he basically took over NASA, and created world space program.. ALA SpaceX..

Zach09/24/2020 15:07

Didnt take over NASA? NASA still exists..?


G*****09/24/2020 10:33


Jef09/24/2020 09:42
China can go to Hell!


just here09/24/2020 09:28
about to that pro Russian anti Fake American POS

Pushing🌐Benjimins09/24/2020 23:28

you stole what i was going to say. .

ehfMinus09/24/2020 11:49

left right, biden trump, two sides of the same worthless coin. theyre a team, working to keep americans picking sides and bickering.

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DeMolay3309/24/2020 09:19
The timing couldnt have been worse.


BAZAR777БАЗАР09/24/2020 09:18
Some people lose their mind With money and stick their nose to politics and get grilled .


jua***com09/24/2020 09:10
🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️Why in the hell Would he take on? The white Nationalist Leader of the Nationalist Republican Party,Doesn't he know his already blaming China 🇨🇳 for fake ballots

ehfMinus09/24/2020 12:00

your votes don't matter anyway it's determined from the beginning. when the hell is america going to get their heads out of their asses? trump and biden are of the same entity. it's a game to keep people like us at odds and separated. look at America. it's always one side versus the other. ALWAYS left vs right. when we are all fighting, we are in survival mode, our ability to make rational decisions is gravely effected negatively. so everyone just sits back and let's the rich throw them around.

Barry H. Soetoro-Ubama09/24/2020 09:43

Biden is a white nationalist you stupid fucking fart knocker

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stan09/24/2020 09:09
yea not smart they should've waited until after elections but Elon likes China


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