09/26/2020 17:08

$TESLA does anyone else notice how eerily similar these look???
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ima***com09/27/2020 01:09
tesla is over


11**5809/26/2020 22:38
OKOK just ONE last chart to prove my point, this one with evidence of skin in the game..."bubble" pattern on $ZOOM VIDEO


Tahoe_Bull09/26/2020 22:29
this guy launching rockets into space trying to give the world free wifi. doing vaccine research and building ev cars. trying to micro chip peoples brains. think about it. modern day genius that will we killed cause of starlink

11**5809/26/2020 22:54

drilling/mining equipment (The Boring Company), automated driving and navigation with neural nets (Tesla), long range reusable rockets (SpaceX). Combine all three together and you have a fully automated asteroid mining company. The asteroids between Mars and Jupiter have mineral wealth equivalent to giving every human being on earth a hundred billion dollars each. Think about that.

11**5809/26/2020 22:44

One thing though. None of this is relevant to his REAL plans over the next 20 years. Musk's actual goal is not to colonize Mars (smokescreen), it's to mine asteroids.

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FOMO_DEMON🤬09/26/2020 20:50
the only reason Tesla is different is because the bulls play Tesla as a short squeeze. basically Everytime we drop, bulls load up, in turn ,forcing bears to cover, making price go straight up. I believe the only way Tesla goes down is because of the bulls, not bears. bulls will be the cause whichever way we go if that makes sense. 👍 for example, if a bull with shit tons of shares, or multiple bulls decide to sell a ton of shares, bears will notice and short the shit out of it. that is the only way it plays out the way on that chart


Raising☆Vibrations09/26/2020 20:10
I do believe you just made me alot of money rather myself but either way thank you for continued effort to help people the light in me honors the light in you 🙏

11**5809/26/2020 20:12

if you plan on shorting, just realize the bull cult will probably cause some pretty scary spikes along the way down, but it should pay off pretty nicely


11**5809/26/2020 20:04
Last bit of observation...for stocks this bubble pattern forms on, a few factors. There is a pretty consistent ratio of free float to percentage increase, but there's a scaling factor that increases the lower the free float is when you compare different "bubble" stocks over the same time frame.

Example: Tesla during this cycle and the last one, had an overall percentage gain of about 330% from start to peak...both over a 5mo window and a free float of about 740mil

Wayfair during it's 5mo window had an overall percentage gain of about 1200% and free float of about 63mil.

The ratio of float between Tesla and Wayfair is about 12:1. You'd think that would mean Wayfair would have a percentage gain of 3960%!!! FAIL


Divide 3960 by 3.14 (pi)

1261%. Math is cool.


11**5809/26/2020 19:21
annnnd here's another stock in a bubble, Wayfair! Is it starting to sink in yet???


11**5809/26/2020 18:46
here's the same pattern on $TESLA AGAIN, but from the end of last year (buildup started September 2019) into April...crazy right?

11**5809/27/2020 06:39

ok I made one for gmail...precogcandlechaser

11**5809/27/2020 06:33

yeah I should probably make an email for webull contacts...I'll get back to you on that

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chi***com09/26/2020 18:27
this post is useless and baseless. yes it looks superficially similar. apples and oranges. wtf is your point explain and stop being lazy. whatever you are implying can be easily debunked with actual technical analysis so what are we claiming here?

Cy09/26/2020 19:12

You try and speak with jargons as if it makes you smarter, but you’re babbling nonsense too. Each photo he shared has backed up analysis and information based off every single company’s data that had repeating patterns. YOU stop being lazy and show us your “debunking TA”

Cy09/26/2020 19:05

So debunk it for us with your TA

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11**5809/26/2020 18:18
two more examples...IBIO just completed this cycle (weaker bull trap), AAPL is just entering the bull trap


OmegaWolf09/26/2020 18:15
that does look pretty crazy, But I've been following Tesla 5 days a week since June of 2019 so I would take a guess and say thier foundation is just Very Solid. All the ups and downs considering the pandemic too. Can anyone think of another stock that was $212 then 15 months later, After a 5:1 forward split the price has doubled again?


bouu09/26/2020 18:13
Those charts do look similar. My question is about the first one. Wasnt that made for a macro approach? More than something daily. Look at BAC and pull it to monthly candles all time. I think that is what that model was made for

chr***com09/26/2020 18:29

What do you mean about IBIO looks like it completed the pattern?

bouu09/26/2020 18:25

Well im glad im not in a long position in any of those you mention 😅

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11**5809/26/2020 17:45
The chart was made by this guy:


MANBEARBULL09/26/2020 17:41
what is that. aol or something. if so, it's not comparable at all lol

11**5809/26/2020 17:50

given the p/e ratio, I'd say this fits the bubble model

11**5809/26/2020 17:46

it's a model of bubbles


MANBEARBULL09/26/2020 17:38
what stock is this you're comparing it too.


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