10/26/2020 00:54

$TESLA i just want to break even , the emotional trauma anit it mann .
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TygaFox10/26/2020 06:15
AAPL and Tesla in down trends for a while.


xCHRISNCx10/26/2020 03:47
could be worse.....


Nemo10/26/2020 03:26
next time when the charts look like cannonballs cut your position.


CroCaCola10/26/2020 02:48
so whats your plan? you all or nothing or you gonna try to salvage some of your premium? no telling what could happen but short term, especially with this recall bullshit we may be seeing more downside. maybe you could sell some calls and open a spread.

Stevo10/26/2020 06:43

Because tesla is so volatile, I am banking on some random news .

Ill let it ride out as I am still in profit just not as much as I was before.

Selling covered calls and playing earnings has been my strategy for now to gain whatever I can gain


Andres10/26/2020 02:29
Stonk only go up ๐Ÿ‘

Steve10/26/2020 06:26


Stevo10/26/2020 02:29



TeslaBULLdozer๐ŸŒ10/26/2020 02:06
I lost 40 on Friday and was upset that i didnt stop out sooner, but i cant imagine how you feel๐Ÿคฏ sorry man

Stevo10/26/2020 02:18

Hopefully this week apple earnings help me


kbe***com10/26/2020 01:59
I dont know why anyone would mess with options

maj***com10/26/2020 09:52

Yup. I'd be a nervous wreck on day trading. Kudos to all of you that successfully do this. I'm LT but happy with ytd gains after a year in. Plus, I bought heavy in March when puts were half the value. $ Tesla $NVDA $ Amazon $Zoom $Apple $ Microsoft $Microvision $ Pfeizer $Innovia $Disney $Sonos $Crox...

xxx10/26/2020 03:33

plenty of people go up 50k when gambling and then lose it cuz they dont manage risk

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ready4ca$h10/26/2020 01:50
sorry to say it but in your case hard to recover or break even. all of your calls are far numbers from the actual stock price. learn to use stop loss. I was just like you when I start playing options hungry for money ๐Ÿ’ฐ. hope you recover soon. cut your losses and move on. buy calls for longer expiration date with closer to the stock current price. example AAPL now at 115 buy 120-125 calls for Jan 2021 or 2022

Steve10/26/2020 06:28

Use credit/debit spreads

Stevo10/26/2020 01:52

Yea I just started using stop losses this week , I am so mad because I almost doubled my account off these options and I never sold

Appreciate the advice though , I will look into longer calls


Doomsday David 10/26/2020 01:43
I feel ya

Stevo10/26/2020 02:00

That theta


CroCaCola10/26/2020 01:13
its not the best time to be playing with options right now...buy some commons.

CroCaCola10/26/2020 02:46

its a lesson we all learn the hard way

Fishing guru10/26/2020 01:40

Thats what sTocks will teach you to never be greedy. Always take profIts

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Sรฉbastien Arsenault10/26/2020 01:11
Same bro ๐Ÿฅด


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