10/30/2020 17:37

$TESLA I have over 10k in puts 😳 I can’t sell them all due to robinhood’s day trade restrictions. I think its time to move to webull.
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Tradethese10/31/2020 10:35
I have missed so many oportunuties on RH because of their trading hours. I have been up but by the time 9:00 am comes back in the negative. For that reason alone, Webull is far better


mpp***com10/31/2020 04:41
it's good to have them both you go from three trades a week to six trades a week


Blood10/30/2020 23:59
you havea25k account it would unlock Day trading if you realize 25k gains

Blood10/31/2020 00:00

you just bypass the "warning" once funds from trades settled wouldnt matter


Tahoe_Bull10/30/2020 23:23
I'd close it take profit and have your account closed for being a day trader. transfer money to another broker


Tahoe_Bull10/30/2020 23:21
always leave yourself a day trade. I leave myself 2 for friday


Joe***com10/30/2020 23:18


Jaka kendil10/30/2020 23:18
you can sell


leg***com10/30/2020 22:23
always a minimum of 25000 dude


Marzola Holding Company 10/30/2020 20:53
you know the day trade restrictions are everywhere correct? what you need to do is trade cash account and if you used settled funds u can day trade as much as you want.

you have 5000 account value. you can use 1k every day and do 1 day trade every day which would be 5 day trades a week. More than PDT rule. Or you can even split to 500 twice a day and do 2 day trades a day and that would allow 10 day trades a week. There are ways around this but learn settlement rules because those can be a pain becaude usually it's 3 days total wait time, so thats why you spread apart. Goodluck all.


HoodRich10/30/2020 20:23
Like others have said, I would take the ban and move to another broker . TD being the #1 option. Webull sometimes have issues like random freezing which is a big problem when youre holding options


gus***com10/30/2020 19:55
turn off the restrictions


kri***com10/30/2020 19:52
webull has the same restrictions

🍄Broke Monk🍄10/30/2020 20:09

no you can't. most exchanges have to follow finra rules. you have to have 25k+ in your margin account to day or switch to a cash account and wait for your funds to settle to day trade.

Kaydar10/30/2020 19:53

I thought you could day trade any time in webull? No matter your amount


Justin10/30/2020 19:31
Buy some long out calls if you think the stock will go up so you cap your gains!

Justin10/30/2020 19:31

Its like hedging your gains and tesla is bullish!


Nate10/30/2020 19:24
Sell them..... you get three redos with pdt rule just contact them once your account is locked And they will unlock, or change to cash acct and trade as much as u want everyday


ima***com10/30/2020 19:20
dumb get out of options you idiot


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