11/10/2020 04:13

Did anybody see all markets fell end of day. What do you think the catalyst was.???

My opinion:
Election woes. Considering Trump said he won't secede. He can actually stay in power. The market hates uncertainty. And if it comes down to it we don't have clarity on where to put our funds.

I'm not sure though, why do you think?

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All Comments(6)

Vanessa V.11/10/2020 12:33
The president can’t stay in power πŸ™„, BUT YES BUY THE DIP


chicken11/10/2020 09:49
lots of money being kept on the sideline I think there's never anything wrong with that


813****66711/10/2020 07:12
amazing how many people cannot spell, and have horrible grammer.


kha***com11/10/2020 04:39
wasn't the elections but comments made from fed chairman

KingHakim77111/10/2020 04:41

What did he say?


New_Yorkz_Finezt11/10/2020 04:20
No he Cant stay in power, iTs a costume not a law

Rico11/10/2020 04:57

Thier is a flaw to this, it can only be done if there is no clear winner Or the race is close like 268 To 270

KingHakim77111/10/2020 04:21

Do you know that Trump can still become president If he doesn't secede his power. The vote comes down to each state head. And there are more Republican states than Blue.πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ«This is the possible uproar being talked on in the stock market and political back rooms..


UnKnown11/10/2020 04:17
Its all uncertainty, many platforms (brokers ) and such were crashing... i think is all because of people moving money and playing it safe.


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