11/11/2020 12:29

$Nano Dimension
Good morning Everyone...
Still holding top 2 .
Was able to get a .3633 avg in sundial this morning.
I'm going to say they will beat the Earnings .. And continue to get better.. Why I made it a long .

So yesterday we installed the heated floor in the 4x4 . Today we are making a water vortex system, I have it built 95% , going to build a stand for it so I can install a hose at the bottom 😉...

Happy Trading/Growing...
started week 2# on the WW scog ..2x3
germ going on the 5 super skunk photo for the 4x4
$TESLA $NIO Inc. $Fisker Inc $Aurora Cannabis
NIO Inc.-0
NIO Inc.-1
Nano Dimension-2
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StockCooler11/11/2020 22:14
beat earnings????.....


G-Tip solutions11/11/2020 17:50
Are you going to cash out after ER?

G-Tip solutions11/11/2020 22:53


Thisoldman11/11/2020 19:11

Il re position yes if it goes on a run. 1+ . if not I'm just holding long .. All good.


Moneymaker11/11/2020 15:59
those blurple lights are a waste of time. and the marshydro LED is junk too. get some real lights, it will be the best money you spend for your grow. HLG quantum boards (550 v2 r spec) or the new Diablo boards are where its at.

Thisoldman11/11/2020 16:05

I been growing for over 30yrs.. your just wasting your money .. I pulled 8oz off a auto with them junk china lights & rain water.... just like people that spend 100s for nutrients, or cloning gel .. You can use honey to clone. actually works better 😂.. .
Happy Growing..


Kizzy11/11/2020 14:42
I've got the same feeling about Sundial. After I sold the other morning, I used the profits to buy back in at .361.


the***com11/11/2020 12:47
Super Skunk 🅰ïļðŸ†—✅


jaw***com11/11/2020 12:42
uhoh, you forgot to turn off the GPS tag on those photos

Thisoldman11/11/2020 12:49

First off you Realize I'm not doing anything against the law right...
An your common sense is lacking.
2 strikes to start off the morning..
Good luck kiddo..


11**5811/11/2020 12:39
I think a better long hold is $Village Farms but you might get a nice merger payday at some point


Howill2111/11/2020 12:39
Do you like your vivo tent and which strain in flower?

Moneymaker11/11/2020 15:52

marshydro tents for the money are hard to beat. not the same quality as gorilla tents but not too far off, and the price is good.
get some HLG quantum boards too. the new diablo boards or HLG550 r2 spec work great from start to finish.

Thisoldman11/11/2020 12:56

The tents are ok , I normally have a grow room but am moving everything out in the garage.. m building a room in the garage actually.. Og Kush is currently in flower but they are autos and was topped my a friend that almost killed them. I'm just bringing them back for him .


pad***com11/11/2020 12:34
cheer brotha. nano isnt having bags my friend. have a great day


iluvbags11/11/2020 12:34
looking at those beauties makes me cry since I lost my whole harvest to late season blight.. ðŸ˜ŦðŸ˜ŦðŸ˜Ŧ

Thisoldman11/11/2020 12:35

That would definitely deserve a good cry my friend ðŸ˜Ĩ, I'm sorry..


ðŸŠĪ Lord and Money 🎋11/11/2020 12:32
No hydroponics?

Moneymaker11/11/2020 15:56

no till organics if you want nice quality without the hastles of constantly monitoring your ph/ec. hydro you need a chiller unless you are doing hempy style buckets, dutch bucket, or nft. as long as you dont fully submerge the roots and you keep an air barrier you can get away without a chiller in the above systems. no till is good for people who want to reuse their soil round after round, but you need at least a 15+ gallon sized potter for it to work good.

sandermancity11/11/2020 12:39

I grew hydro (wasted thousands of $ )and with soil... organic soil... best shit ever

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diezel8811/11/2020 12:32
thats beautiful


Wickedrebel 11/11/2020 12:31
Enjoy your bags

Thisoldman11/11/2020 12:37

New and lost .
Good luck lol...


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