11/13/2020 18:30

$TESLA soon the delusion will wear off, bag holders will realize Telsa was WAY over valued, and their product is no longer ground breaking.

Simalar to George Forman grills, insta pots, and Vitamix blenders, the piazza will wear off, and they will realize they over paid for something that other companies can do just as well or better.

By then, they will be in such denial, such rage, they'll try and convince themselves that the stock will come back, just digging a deeper hole, until they sell for a loss and begin to rebuild.

How deep will your hole be. Market is up, Tesla is down. When the market is down, Tesla will bleed much worse, continuously until a sensible valuation price is reached.

I rode the hype and money train up, Tesla is a great company, however, at around 100/share.
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All Comments(10)

:-)11/13/2020 19:07
Is this senile man's caretaker around? He's clearly misplaced a patient 😈


ian***com11/13/2020 18:47
You clearly have never driven a tesla.


mma***com11/13/2020 18:45
I can't believe tesla is being compared to a George Foreman grill


las***edu11/13/2020 18:42
shorted today. I'll happily ride the profit train down.
If you want to keep losing money as it falls, help yourself.


Ih Yi11/13/2020 18:41
yes everything overvalued, amazon apple nvidia.. all stock market house ect. why? money pressed from FOMC


jos***com11/13/2020 18:36
people lost fortunes thinking like that lol


ald***com11/13/2020 18:34
lmao😂 100? damn ur puts hurting that bad 🤐

las***edu11/13/2020 18:41

Nope. Shorted today.

Explain any justification for the high price.

PE is 1038
Toyota is 13.8

That's absolutely insane. Market share will decrease, prices will continue to drop over vehicle, then earnings will slide right back to red.


din***com11/13/2020 18:34


Rob13m11/13/2020 18:34
$100 a share? Bruh what are u smoking lmao

las***edu11/13/2020 18:39

Justify trading at 1038x earning. P/e for Tesla is 1038.
Toyota is 13.8


Ami***edu11/13/2020 18:33
Lmao $100? thanks for the laugh. Sorryazz

las***edu11/13/2020 18:35

Explanation for a valuation higher? I can give 10 reasons for even lower than 100. I give it the extra 16 dollars for the "innovative mind" of Musk.


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