Gayelord Föcker

11/14/2020 06:03

$TESLA trump must go. this is dangerous.
"My colleague Maggie Haberman described a recent White House meeting where Trump pressed to know “whether Republican legislatures could pick pro-Trump electors in a handful of key states and deliver him the electoral votes he needs to change the math and give him a second term.”

This is Trump’s so-called Hail Mary plan. In plain language, it’s a potential political coup. Biden beat Trump by 148,000 votes in Michigan, 58,000 votes in Pennsylvania, 36,000 votes in Nevada, 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, 14,000 votes in Georgia and 11,000 votes in Arizona. For Trump to win, as Andrew Prokop wrote in Vox, he needs to “change the outcome in at least three of those states — a very tall order.”"
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Bez11/14/2020 18:57
Electorates will never vote against the vote of the people because theyre bound by statute not a trumpists feelings, Trumps losing 0-22 in court with firms dropping him as a client, Barrs own US attorneys telling him to literally “f**k off and how dare you”, its all a show for the trumpists because theyre having meltdowns. Lol it really does make the whole “liberal meltdown” look tame.


Bez11/14/2020 18:51


Deeds28711/14/2020 17:11
it doesn't really matter about the votes a president that has served 1 term and chooses not to secede it goes to the Senate I'm pretty sure

Lovannah11/16/2020 10:55

If he doesnt concede and refuses to leave president biden will have him physically removed! I actually hope it comes to that. it would be so gratifying for me to see him being dragged off the wh grounds like the usurper he is.

Lovannah11/16/2020 10:51

Noooo thank god! it does not Go to the senate. Youve been misinformed

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rObbiN Da HooD11/14/2020 17:11
u sound like a winny school girl. biden hasn't won. stay off the news. cnn doesn't elect the president 🤦🏻‍♂️

Bez11/14/2020 18:50

😂😂 youre right, the states do, and Biden won 😂
Heres your participation trophy 🏆


Señor Glasshands11/14/2020 15:29
biden never won. the media doesn't call the election. voting fraud is real

Bez11/14/2020 18:50

Lol thats why hes 0-22 in court 😂


bri***com11/14/2020 15:08
take ....D rod with you ( little bitches)


pag***com11/14/2020 13:57
Bad news for you: all those "extra" votes that were given to Biden, are full of fraud. Watch Australian news, or NDT, and you will see a different picture. I am not a pro Trump, but I cannot digest a corrupt politician and zombie like Biden.

Bez11/14/2020 18:54

Lol Trump wasnt corrupt?
Youre f**king insane 😂
He lost and wont admit it, by the way, its your tax dollars and his supporters money hes wasting 😂
Hes a con man and you love it, youre not “a pro trump”. Lol you mean a foreign op trying to pitch “NDT”?
What are you then?


Bill11/14/2020 13:36
if he leaves will you promise to STFU !


No money down11/14/2020 12:46

Bez11/14/2020 18:52

😂 it is comical, but also depressing how lost these people are


eco***com11/14/2020 11:33


Steve11/14/2020 07:29


Steve11/14/2020 07:29
Comedy. thousands of people can testify that votes were counted from dead people. people who arent even registered to vote some how voted. whats interesting is that everything is towards biden. theire is nothing illegal about wanting states to recount their legal ballots.

Bill11/14/2020 13:35

need to have over site and transparency of ballot voting and get rid of mail in as it is too easy to fake votes case in point fraudelent winner Joe (likes to sniff little girls) Biden

Gayelord Föcker11/14/2020 08:31

that's a lie right wingers have been telling forever. you're being lied to.


GettingMy$Right11/14/2020 06:26
biden didn't beat anybody. lol fake votes.

Bez11/14/2020 18:52

Lol trumpists making “liberal meltdown meme” chick look hard as f**k 😂

Gayelord Föcker11/14/2020 08:34

all the election officials in all the states say Biden won. I'm gonna trust them over trump, who is a confirmed liar. courts have already thrown his case out of court for lack of evidence.

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