Axe Capital

11/18/2020 21:19

$TESLA You can be bulLish or bearish but since when do we feel the need to attack the other side just because they have a different view on a stock? So sad what this country has become! I say good for you bulls who held strong for those two months when teSla traded sideways. You deserve it! However i can almost guarentee you will never see a good for you bears comment. Oh well you win some you loose some but you live, you live to fight another day! Lol
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Truthseeker81211/18/2020 21:30
My Donkey says hi 👋

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:55

Ha lol thats awesome is that really yours?


Jsh***com11/18/2020 21:28
I wish you the best of luck whatever side you are on. At this time in the world i would hope we are all able to make a little money to support pur families/ourselves.

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:34

Amen!!! Wish you well my friend and hope you make
Lots of money as well


mos***com11/18/2020 21:27
if you are here to make money shouldn't you play both sides

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:56

If your bullish on every stock your going to loose a lot of money thats all ill say about that

mos***com11/18/2020 21:33

apparently your not intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying.are you bullish on ever stock?

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ngu***com11/18/2020 21:26
good post. make a lot of money my friend.

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:31

Same to you buddy thats the ONLY reason we are here


nav***com11/18/2020 21:26
Best post ive seen

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:32

Thanks! Good luck!


Ayo$lick11/18/2020 21:25
toxic asf

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:58

How so


hwa***com11/18/2020 21:24
My sentiments exactly !!

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:32

Thanks! Hope you make lots of money in this market!


sus***com11/18/2020 21:21
Best post that i have seen on here Since April! So true!

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:33

I hope your not being sarcastic but if so thanks! And im a tesla bear go figure but its the truth


Chr***com11/18/2020 21:20
Its always been like that

Axe Capital11/18/2020 21:21

Not this bad bro


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