01/06/2021 01:14

$TESLA I'm am not a bear but I am waiting for this stock to do a face plant and drop very hard and fast in price. this stock is way over priced. this stock is like a bubble waiting to be poped and drop fast in price. they sell sell less vehicles than all the other car makers out there and there vehicles are far more expensive. the only people that can afford are millionaires unless you plan on being in debt the rest of your life.
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SundayDriver01/06/2021 02:11
You sound bitter about something. Its not too late to jump in and have some fun


Edgar Laurel01/06/2021 01:37
Tesla is the way of the future. and not to mention they have vehicles priced at $35,000. I believe that is why it has blown up since last year and continues to increment in stock price. Since the split they have nearly doubled.

Richard01/06/2021 01:42

Elon musk is using the money to open factories over seas. when I can see tesla selling 10 million or more cars a year I will belive but right nope stock way too high


Drew01/06/2021 01:34
it is priced at a value of all companies combined but does Honda , Toyota and Ford (....) produce solar roofs, 4680 battery cells, commercial and residential battery storage, ataonomus vehicle software AND hardware, auto robots and factories... the list goes on. Tesla is a car company but so much more.

I believe we are not in a bubble but at the base camp of Mount Everest.

Richard01/06/2021 01:49

Tesla is way over priced and should be around 250 to 300


Jtw***edu01/06/2021 01:30
Yall still comparing this to other car makers 🤣🤣

Lucio01/06/2021 01:49

They are letting the fear of getting into this stock because od iTs price determin their thiught process on the company. when the stock price is at 4000 post split and then 10k post split, they will just continue to say the same things

Lucio01/06/2021 01:47

They will never get it.


Coolbreeze01/06/2021 01:30
Tesla is way more than a car company, consider Tesla aslo as an energy/software company.


Where is JM01/06/2021 01:24
it will have a pull back, no face plants, sorry Richard, buy now, before earnings, hold for the brief dip. and look back in a few years. I'm still holding my shares. options are too manipulated rite now for me. Anyway, that's my best advise! I kept stressing since 800 pre split that it was over price.


has***com01/06/2021 01:17
not a bear he says. anyone who takes time to comment negative is a clown bear.


Where is JM01/06/2021 01:15
it's called exponential growth, buy and hold.

Richard01/06/2021 01:20

I live a happy life

has***com01/06/2021 01:18

yeah cause you don't have anything better to do than get entertained off people's suffering nice. must live a sad life.

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BULLL L. Y33T01/06/2021 01:15


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