01/06/2021 22:33

Am an indpenedant citizen neither republican or dremocratic and voted foe nobody in all elections however am against destroying our democracy whatsoever or breaking the law under any circumstance Trump should respect our democracy and the constitution and before all that he should respect all US citizens and concede the elcrion. All those rioters who are fighting the law should be prosecuted and sent to prison.. Trump should realise that this ain't UK Thailand or a middleeastern monarchy country where only one family controls millions of ppl ... $TESLA $NIO Inc. $Apple $TESLA $Bitcoin $Amazon.com $Nano Dimension
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cro***com01/06/2021 23:56
the boston area party is alive and well. idc about who wins but I fo care about us as a country and believe in what are country eas built on.people standing together to stand up for something they believe in is beautiful. love trump or hate him you should love are country. 1776 was because of a few brave souls that decided that one family shouldn't have all saying power. the was millions of fruad votes counted. doesn't matter if it changes who wins what dose matter is that it changes everything we believe I'm in democracy.


Jra***com01/06/2021 22:53
Shh. Talk somewhere else. this isnt election forums or so... keep the topics for stock market

๐Ÿ’ต MONEY PRINTER ๐Ÿ’ต01/06/2021 23:36


509****14701/06/2021 23:30

The stock market is directly tied to politics


StockGenius9201/06/2021 22:47
shut up Jerry u sound like a cry baby. Trump is still your president

Were on Webull for a reason!!!01/07/2021 04:46

no he's not!!! go away!! you lost!!!


@YMH01/06/2021 22:42
Just stfu jerry and buy some bitcoin

Bhammy2301/06/2021 23:00


El Capitan01/06/2021 22:43



FOMO_DEMON๐Ÿคฌ01/06/2021 22:40
no doubt you watch cnn all the time. your literally repeating what cnn and cnbc say. have you ever thought for one second your media is lying to you?? I respect you so I won't say anything disrespectful but man, wake up. our country has fallen.

cro***com01/06/2021 23:59

the trick is to watch all of them and do your own research on the topics and fish you way threw the bullshit. media dose lie but the lies are build from somewhere

Noah01/06/2021 22:53

So how did you know what was happening if you donโ€™t watch news channels lol you just became a lying liberal ๐Ÿคฃthey will welcome you

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904****71001/06/2021 22:39
If you donโ€™t vote then keep your opinion to yourself . dem or rep should be questioning this election

Were on Webull for a reason!!!01/06/2021 22:47

we did, recounted and found it was legit, you lost by 8 million votes!! 87 judges! 88 senators! 300 house members, the supreme court, the ag, and the vp all agree!


JerrySquirrel01/06/2021 22:37

JerrySquirrel01/06/2021 22:44

100% ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Jonny G01/06/2021 22:41

she needs attention


CashMoney01/06/2021 22:37
Thanks Jerry the squirrel.. I needed a stranger in a stock app with a squirrel as a profile pic to talk politics in elementary school english.

Millhouse ๐ŸŽฐ01/06/2021 22:43

Haha so true

JerrySquirrel01/06/2021 22:38

I got nothing for u but block... not even worth arguing with ๐Ÿคก


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