01/10/2021 19:58

$TESLA Gonna share my thoughts and see how my aim is Monday😂 I'll go with a slight gap PM but not breaking former highs. Then sideways action until open with a fake breakout at the bell. Then a pullback to mid 850s and slow sideways fade to low 850s by EOD. Not bearish at all just thinking a consolidation period might be coming.
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Shikoku🦊Ken01/10/2021 22:55
hard to say how itll go Monday. but 1000 is in the future for sure.


grrrlygrrl⚘01/10/2021 21:05
I think we are on the same wavelength, though. Kinda wished I didn't get that call for next wk, at the last second.


grrrlygrrl⚘01/10/2021 21:02
I think I painted myself into a corner with TSLA. Oopsie... lol

grrrlygrrl⚘01/10/2021 21:16

I've been watching it and it seems to have a downward movement around 1130ish until 100ish... 🤔

grrrlygrrl⚘01/10/2021 21:14

I want that put action because it's going to fall a little hard. I really don't get why it's flying up.

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Sam01/10/2021 20:12
Tesla cant be stopped with full democratic support lol


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