01/10/2021 20:45

$NIO Inc. We can assume an $8 move tomorrow, either to $68 or $51 give or take. my assumption looking at how $Bitcoin is falling is a red day tomorrow.. $TESLA has also been rocketing, I expect a pullback here which can drag NIO down with it

There is also a lot of fear around china’s delisting still.. Although I doubt NIO will get delisted, One bad news can make NIO crash down as fast as she went up

Assuming theres 72% on calls, I cannot see them letting everyone profit on this.. 97% of traders holding this rn are profitable, I think they will take some back

We have also reached a huge level of resistance here around the 58-59 range! Im not saying itll move the full $8 but that is definitely the range we can expect

another possibility could be a gap up around 64-65 in premarket and then a pull back to building a new support around 58-59.

Ive decided to hold puts through the weekend! If this 64-65 range hits i will look to add here and get out with profits on the pull back

Overall NIO is a great long hold, I see $300 by EOY and $70 by EOM
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All Comments(11)

voi***com01/10/2021 22:04
Bitcoin has nothing to do with the broader market. Infact, the opposite has happened more times than not. Pay attention to the S&P, Dow, Nasdaq, Futures, Volatility, Foreign markets for that info.


🧨CKelch🧨01/10/2021 21:47
BTC corrected on the daily and immediately squeezed back up. I dont see a drop tomorrow buddy.

Houdini01/10/2021 21:48

Still down 6% 🤷🏻‍♂️ dont really know what youre referring too lol


Northern Lights01/10/2021 21:29
the trend up just started but i see your point and it makes sense.

Houdini01/10/2021 21:30

Guess well find out in about 12 hrs lol


Cza***com01/10/2021 21:15
It depends if investors panic i think investors are not worried

Houdini01/10/2021 21:24

Its not about being worried, its about profit taking.. this just had a $20 move within a week


3EBInvstMntsGp01/10/2021 21:05
🤡 take a good look

442****17201/11/2021 00:10


Houdini01/10/2021 21:06

Lol.. if you dont think news like that is meant to trap you, you have another thing coming 😂 these types of articles are meant to confuse you


dep***com01/10/2021 21:03
If it does the same thing as Apple, Tesla and every other stock with a hyped of event there will probably be a 10% to 20% sell-off. For people swing trading this stock I hope you took profits on Friday.


MacMilly01/10/2021 20:57
Haha assumptions? Get out of here

Houdini01/10/2021 21:00

By that comment I can tell you have a lot to learn.. GL


$$$$$01/10/2021 20:51
what does bitcoin have to do with Nio? does Nio mine crypto? dies Nio have any investments in bitcoin? what is your connection to Nio and bitcoin?

Houdini01/10/2021 21:01

Lol.. you dont think the overall market has been on crack? 😂

khi***com01/10/2021 20:57

Bitcoin been on crack you can’t even compare that to the overall market 😂. It just hit 40K!

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Bullish only01/10/2021 20:51
Bitcoins already recovering

Houdini01/10/2021 20:52

I think it will fall more, look at the chart! That was a massive move up, needs to fill some gaps but lets see 🤷🏻‍♂️


Shovel362 01/10/2021 20:46
Bitcoin ?

Houdini01/10/2021 20:47

Bitcoin is tanking right now! I assume a red day on the market tomorrw


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