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01/10/2021 22:25

Sorry to Tell you guys but $TESLA is extremely over valued . Its shares only go up because everyone is hoping on the band wagon without knowing that its only being held up because of a belief for the future . Tesla market cap is all the auto makers put togher with selling less then 5% of all the automakers put togher. Sure the momentum is strong by the people but there revenue is way to low to be valued at 750B$. I say take profits before its true value is discovered #My Webull Holiday Wishes #Bearish
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ChartWatch簧01/11/2021 17:58
This chart is from 2019...


DADDY'S LOOT 01/11/2021 04:20
Hater ya'll been saying this from day one


Jake01/11/2021 01:29
Yes...I am convinced tesla is a stable investment BECAUSE the bandwagon lol

Ross Legend01/11/2021 02:24



Ant***com01/11/2021 01:29
So you can buy more in the dip. You sneaky rascal.

blackbeauty01/11/2021 06:48



Roo***com01/11/2021 01:14
true value is discovered? everyone investing today knows its true value is way overpriced, thats not going to be why it tumbles...the heavy hitters will be selling to maintain there own restrictions but people keep buying them up, eventually, could even be tomorrow this will fall sharply


Money Trades 01/11/2021 00:24
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Stocks & Smokin D01/10/2021 22:48
Funny thing is you think tesla is a simple car company you are so short sighted my friend

Stocks & Smokin D01/11/2021 00:00

So more upside, a pull back then upside again. im very clear on whats going on

Riker c.01/10/2021 23:46

clearly you didn't understand that with the "stimulus' obviously the market will see a boom and we will see it settle in short period of time the market is a constant up and down based on hype, funds available to spend and projections. its always moving if you didn't take this into consideration just wait til end of February when people have more money to spend. everyone wants a get rich fast move. you are seeing that boom because people are spending hoping to get a return in 2022

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boa***com01/10/2021 22:27
and then tesla went to china!

Fearless01/10/2021 22:59

youre clearly desperate otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Money Trades 01/10/2021 22:30

Every other automaker has cars world wide and they been selling them longer then tesla was alive . Tesla is over hyped for anything It does tbh .


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