01/11/2021 21:23

Quick little thing I started doing as my only 2021 New Years resolution is working on not Panic selling. My group knows I am king of Selling early and I wear my crown of thorns with pride!

But....it has cost me an ASININE amount of profits along the way. My new rule is that if I get nervous and want to sell, I wait 5 min (assuming it doesnt tank right away or come to a pt). Stonks dont only go up or down, and you can make plenty of money both ways. Working on this has helped me grow my account by 110% in the last 4 days.

Reading the indicators and knowing what to look for is a big part of that but also not panicking and selling the first big red candle is game changing. I cannot tell you how many plays I alerted and sold for small gains out of panic and then hours or a day later 100-1000%+! One day 2 weeks ago 5 minutes cost me 350% of my portfolio. 5 MINUTES.

Take a deep breath, relax, know what you are playing/looking for, and enjoy the ride. Really hoping I can keep this 44/53 days straight 100%+ daily runner going forever! πŸ˜‚ Happy 2021! If you wanna see my live alertSs, emaill my usernamee! 1 fail (didnt move at all, no gain no loss) out of 9 alerts today..GREAT WEEK SO FAR TEAM!

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All Comments(14)

Jas***com01/12/2021 11:47
Last tome i checked . you can only loose 100% of your money

Ginglet@yahoo01/12/2021 11:56

Yep lol


Wolf01/12/2021 06:12
ive found my biggest fault thus far is impatient selling.
Was originally in SNDL at .17pennies, waited for what seemed like forever and sold soon as it hit .22 😐🀦🀦🀦

or its a lack of funds/ wishing I had gambled my bet instead of watching it play out

Ginglet@yahoo01/12/2021 11:56



649***52901/11/2021 23:57
scammer...he is pedo too...he wrote other day he likes to touch others


Gl01/11/2021 21:48
Congrats bro! You are still in Golden Goose discord? I want to join back but have lost the link. Can you paste the link here?


gil***com01/11/2021 21:41
Hey! glad I found you. I was in the trade group before SPUD was ejected from it. following you now. :)

gil***com01/11/2021 21:48

I didn't continue the subscription... what is the trade name now? if I get some play money I might give it another run if it's not too expensive now. :)

gil***com01/11/2021 21:47

I didn't continue the subscription... what is the trade name now? if I get some play money I might give it another run if it's not too expensive now. :)

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tur***com01/11/2021 21:37
I think we have to get you some Valiums bro 🀣🀣🀣😜

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:40

Lol why’s thaT?!


MiGGs01/11/2021 21:37
Nice!!!!!! πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ€™πŸ»


MIGGZ01/11/2021 21:30
U da man bro Very humble Much success to you and yours

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:32

Thank you, I try! Same to you! Its all one Great big learning experience and we all here for the same reason!

BadassJolly01/11/2021 21:31



Macatee01/11/2021 21:25
I accidently sold at 2.30 instead of 2.40 lol am glad i did tho

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:27

Thats not too bad though congrats on profits!


MOLLAHBIDEN01/11/2021 21:25
cool story. no one cares

ACheetoDustParticul801/11/2021 21:52

Sounds like something someone who cares would sayπŸ‘€

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:25

Ive helped other people and they care sooo πŸ˜‚


Notgoodatanyofthis01/11/2021 21:25
350% of your portfolio?!?

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:26

Yep, snow the day it ran to 420+. Panic sold my calls at 375ish. hurt so bad lol


X01/11/2021 21:25
hack worked today in $BLONDER TONGUE

Ginglet@yahoo01/11/2021 21:25

Hell yeah!!!


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