01/12/2021 01:00

$TESLA The fundamentals of this company aren’t worth 800b today or even likely 10 years from now. Its never made even a billion in profit. Its not worth 800b at 20b profit per year thats a 2.5% yield.

Bubbles dont operate rationally or predictably. This is speculation, please consider limiting your risk.
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All Comments(10)

Turma Cimo01/12/2021 02:27
You say fundamentals and I see 🌈 🐻

734****09601/12/2021 02:42

Nah Tesla is just overvalued. Half of its value is idiots selling hype to bigger idiots.


Loretta love01/12/2021 01:26
Stop thinking of Tesla As just an auto maker I’m up 30 K


STEADY01/12/2021 01:10
Come on Didint your mom tell you big gIrls dont cry? Look at how far ahead they are with manufacturing and so many other Categories. You should look or you just mad you bought shares and may be a little In the red. Just leave karen!! We dont like that sas around here!!

STEADY01/12/2021 01:14

Look at his 96 He mist be one of those flip the bar stool up side down kinda guys

STEADY01/12/2021 01:13

Look at me when im talking to you sasy!!


Jeff01/12/2021 01:08
We don’t care! The only reason is we like Elon!f


Ryan Owens01/12/2021 01:06
you clearly have no idea about Tesla,,🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ not even a little bit🤦🏾‍♂️ seven consecutive profitable quarters

734****09601/12/2021 03:34

They’re barely positive with carbon creds, just less than a billion a year on an 800B company. They could double their profit 4 times to 8 billion without the stock going up a dollar for a 1% yield.

🍌 Republic01/12/2021 01:17

Yes with fEderal energy CreditS. q4 2020 will ne the last quartR which tesla can make money by selling credit. ID4 Is on yhe way


Millions 01/12/2021 01:05
Buy the dip tomorrow if there is one. we mooning


JaguarXJ01/12/2021 01:04
Dude, heard this 2000 times now. Homework assignment: Based on what you just said how do you proceed? Let us know how it works for you. Me? I'm up 27K just buying dips and holding at 383.


swe***com01/12/2021 01:04
seriously. it seems like everyone has lost their minds

734****09601/12/2021 02:32

I mean ive looked at their accounting its a solid company, but its obscenely overvalued even as a tech company. At this point its pure hype speculation. The company wont even be profitable after California stops subsidizing it with energy credits. Which is the only reason it was profitable. If you think Tesla is currently worth 1/2 of current day amazon or apple you’re straight up delusional.


TraderMaks01/12/2021 01:03
your incapable of seeing a future vision of this comapany. thats why you havent made a penny from this stonk😂😂

734****09601/12/2021 02:35

Ah yes. A future where Tesla generates 80b a year and the stock doesnt move. Exalted stonk.


wolfofCoronaville01/12/2021 01:03
you can always limit your risk by averaging down but you can't limit your risk by buying higher, weeks months or years from now.

734****09601/12/2021 02:34

I think ill just take a small short in the amount of its position in my index to zero its effects out.


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