01/13/2021 00:47

Every one raising tsla price target base on what?
Why a stock price target can be raise every week and nothing new on tesla.
I don't care about tsla up or down.
I'm new and try to understand why
Stock prices not base on a company future?
If yes mean tesla future change every week?
Every week prices target up 250?
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765****90301/13/2021 02:37
here's a thing I learned, TSLA is a modern day tulip man, it's a bubble that most of us somewhat admit. the only thing is, with these many people having access to get in, unlike in the old days when only a few can play financial games, it's really hard to tell when the bubble is going to burst. so before that, long term long it with a small amount and just treat it as a regular long term investment -- don't reinvest though, sell high, buy low and keep your profit.

on the other hand, the price actually still seemed to be tolerable even at this high so I won't bet for a consequetive drop or and drop that's too out of the money. I would still buy puts with longer expiration date after seeing too much green. and for the upcoming "burst", if it happens it would burst hard and won't be the small 40-50 bucks difference like we saw yesterday. so you would notice naturally. just buy puts then, you won't miss much of profit

765****90301/13/2021 02:38

tulip mania


prettypenny01/13/2021 01:42
Really! For real? you don't read?


Turkey01/13/2021 01:09
Id recommend watching what intelligent short sellers and bears have to say on tesla and then what the Intelligent bulls have to say and make your judgement on who is making reasonable predictions. You wont get good advice in the comment sections here


jay***com01/13/2021 00:55
Electric Cars, revolutionary A.I., Software development, Solar, Other ventures on the way, such as there own insurance. The list goes on. These projected price targets also consider what's about to happen, in the near future. It's a lot.


jos***com01/13/2021 00:53
I somewhat get where you're coming from, but I'm also considering the possibility that it's not so much that Tesla itself is changing, but rather people's perception of it - in other words, every week they're realizing something about Tesla that they didn't before, causing them to have more faith in it.


Ang***com01/13/2021 00:53
And this is the perfect place to learn about everything 😅 Webull Comment section! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ . PS if you get your answer to that let me know because i dont understand either how this just go up and up. but as long as it make’s us some $ is good


jay***com01/13/2021 00:52
Do your own thinking. stop asking ridiculous questions. They're not just a "car company". Let's start there.

BigSteve 01/13/2021 01:33

People fail to realize that. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Caliboy01/13/2021 00:57



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