01/13/2021 20:10

$TESLA got a $1500 call exp 3/19.. too ambitious?
my 1/15 multiple calls got burned this week and I lost most of my my account. used the last 1K I had to buy this call..
what do you guys think?
also, how do you recover from a loss I had (mentally and practically). I'm sure some of you would have experienced something similar and bounced? thanks
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480****84101/13/2021 20:16
I have calls and puts so as long as its not trading flat im cool with it lmao


Daytrade_King01/13/2021 20:14
You can use that 1000 on multiple spy contracts an scaLp puts in calls all day

669****98601/13/2021 20:23

dude thanks a lot, appreciate it. 🙏


Dc***01/13/2021 20:14
Could be too ambitious or could make tons of money. TSLA can run fast. Buy 1.5k is still far away, so who knows.

As for getting over a loss, i dont know if there is magic to this. I started being a bit less aggressive and focus on smaller but more stable gains instead of engaging in all in type of tactics. With a strategy like that, with time youll make your loss back and start making gains. And then the loss just ends up being a lesson. Thats how it worked for me.


Dea***com01/13/2021 20:14
if you sold your 1/15 calls before tomorrow you are dumb. big news tomorrow going to rise the market up.

669****98601/13/2021 20:20

yes I am aware of the Thursday incoming news. I sold few calls, couldn't take the bleeding.


Jmt***com01/13/2021 20:14
I think your good. Just reevaluate how you want to invest and dont try to hurry up and make money. I just started with 1k last and while i made 5 figures last year i also lost 5 figures. Wasnt smart and made too many mistakes. You can do it

669****98601/13/2021 20:25

Thanks the lot, appreciate the motivation.. much needed 🙏


Cigsmeyer01/13/2021 20:11
Dude no, im not an expert by any means but if youve already blown up your account the last thing you wanna do is hail mary it. take a step back and re evaluate your strategy

669****98601/13/2021 20:28

Gotcha.. yeah it's a risky gamble but the upside, I got nothing more to lose lol.
praying and hoping I make some decent money out of this.

Cigsmeyer01/13/2021 20:13

Everybody gets burned every once in a while. evaluate how much of your account size you leverage per trade, read a couple books and learn about the markets. It helps you to get over the loss and get your head back on track


Nic***com01/13/2021 20:11
yes get out of that call in my opinion. tsla premiums are to high for a small amount if you only have 1k . way over extended


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