01/15/2021 16:01

we already miss you Trump 😭😭😭

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rsa***com01/15/2021 16:14
Poeple think we have a voice in politics. Hella no. They are bunch of con men trying to con each for money and power.
Anyhow, with thIs incoming President, observe the tax on your capital gains (stock gains too). He’s abour to double it and take more of your hard earned profit here. we take all the risks, government take a huge chunk of profit.

Clemball0601/15/2021 18:07

What states are those??? Though all states you pay CG TAX on all stocks.

maj***com01/15/2021 17:50

If you sold and gained a million in profit. DD. Move to a state that has no capital gains tax. Million dollar profit? Doubt you'd be on Webull.


CharleeBoy01/15/2021 16:14
thanks for the post now I can weed out and block all the LIBTARD'S in here

impulseM?ney01/15/2021 16:31

republicans lost their freedom of speech. do you think that will unite our Nation? Do you think lying and cheating to win is good? it is Not. absolute power corrupts absolutely. Liberals will abuse their power.

CharleeBoy01/15/2021 16:19

go ahead and speak i dont have to listen to it πŸ–•

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Getnpaid01/15/2021 16:14
Dont make to much money in here. Incase you dont know what socialism is youll find out when those welfare queens are profiting off your profits. Those are facts regaurdless of your political views.

maj***com01/16/2021 05:20

Should be 4 year max for welfare. Time for trade school/ community college and pay dbl monthly student loans. Birth control for females 60 years now, use it.


Usinparadise01/15/2021 16:10
Commander in Conspiracies gone. No more MAGA - make america grieve again. Goes down worst President EVER!

maj***com01/16/2021 05:09

Reply is for Bulldog.

Clemball0601/15/2021 18:10

Think about how many people would have died if trump did shut travel down a month before Joe even acknowledged it was a proBlem....

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Night Hawk01/15/2021 16:09
this comment section is wild! lol

maj***com01/16/2021 04:43

Yeah...its a combative rant. But b4 election all was stock talk. Due to shareholders on here cuz they're shareholders of some of these social sites...their value is plummeting. Then back we go to value of Twitter. FB etc.


Bzboogie01/15/2021 16:09


In2Win01/15/2021 16:09
Trump is the man

maj***com01/16/2021 04:40

The consistently vindictive man who'll throw you under the bus? Oh...yeah..the type of person even corporations wouldn't hire in upper Mgmt. It's ok. He'll fine! Amazon hires mgmt...Jeff just wants your S.A.T.scores first. Trump's good.
I'm not a Dem by the way. Fair and balanced.


jus***com01/15/2021 16:08
eventually reality will catch up. every mechanism that has protected him the past 4 years will disappear in a few days, and now he's left with the 5th string lawyers defending him. yes I know, insert all the trigger words you'vebeen screaming thevpast 5 years: fake news, fake election, etc. again, reality will catch up, sooner rather than later.

maj***com01/16/2021 04:35

News flash. He's surrounded by a few right now. Guess who came out of The Oval Office today with documents ZOOMED in? ( put them. in your leather portfolio dude) The Pillow Guy ( addicted to coke for years) has security clearance??

a55ra1d3r01/15/2021 16:11

the reality is that you people are smooth brain and easily manipulated.

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Let'sMakeMoneyandMemes01/15/2021 16:08

maj***com01/16/2021 04:31

Is that Guliano's paycheck?


Sautterdale01/15/2021 16:08
If you think trump cares about you and you dont have a million in the bank, then youre lying to yourself.


SoCal01/15/2021 16:08
Bidens about to tax our asses with no lube.

Fred Caillou01/15/2021 16:22

Americans are so funny and out of touch of they think that Democrats are going to drastically change tax rates. You dumbasses should read and see that only the millionaires might see a tax hit. And millionaires don't comment on Webull.


Let'sMakeMoneyandMemes01/15/2021 16:07
said only the dumbest mofos out there lmao luckily you were just trolling.


Neptunian01/15/2021 16:06
Wtf is there To miss about this imbecile?

iJustGuess01/15/2021 16:16

you will see on cap gains..... nevermind, you won't....


Zezima01/15/2021 16:06
dont worry he's not going anywhere!

gar***com01/15/2021 16:12

right in to jail


mkm***com01/15/2021 16:06
it's not over


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