im not a 🐈

02/19/2021 03:12

$Amazon.com $TESLA what is that anyways? powerlines burn down california where elon lived and he just so happens to have a solution for that.. now hes messing with texas.. idk idc cia fbi agent or not pretty sure if your burning a state to the ground freezing people to death just to put in some batteries youre the terrorists
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TrustyRusty02/19/2021 10:44


Install_Wizard02/19/2021 04:21
Wow dude. This is a good one. Like someone else said, there is plenty of true conspiracy theories, but wow this is off your rocker type shit.

TrustyRusty02/19/2021 10:41

it was?

tal***net02/19/2021 04:40

stranger things turned out to be factual...these days of greed...who knows.


pipefitta02/19/2021 03:57
do what? good lord your ignorant...where your parents at that raised your dumbass?

TrustyRusty02/19/2021 10:42

I mean I like to wake n bake too. But this man has been raging all night. Dont do drugs kids

ont***com02/19/2021 06:26

Lol. probably true.

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