Inglewood, Ca.

02/19/2021 20:59

$TESLA Tesla service center in Los Angeles is so bad that i decided to sell my stock and will be getting rid of my tesla soon. They have been giving me the runaround since late november 2020 and i have not been able to fix a simple issue since then. They keep giving me excuses and blaming the delay on shipping time. They expect me to believe that parts take 3+ months to arrive because they are coming from out of state. ✌️ ✌️ im out.
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Director- Isa02/19/2021 21:13


Bigbag880002/19/2021 21:11


ryanthomas02/19/2021 21:08
Ok bye πŸ‘‹


lal***com02/19/2021 21:06
this is stocks platform now Tesla customer care whining center. Go to twitter instead

Inglewood, Ca.02/19/2021 21:16

Just dont be surprised when your stock continues to lose value because more and more long time customers start to leave and end up going to different competitors. Pay attention to the trend and youll be fine. ✌️


cow***com02/19/2021 21:01


EV_lover02/19/2021 21:01
Who cares you freaking karen, f out of here

Inglewood, Ca.02/19/2021 21:09

If you’re invested in the company then I would hope that you care. Instead of getting mad because your stock is down You should try to look ahead at issues that could come up in the future. The company is obviously no longer paying the same level of attention to its customers and as a result will end up losing customers ie. profits. But dont take my word for it. Im just a tesla customer that has been a supporter since 2012 but am now taking my money to other companies.


GMOneyyy02/19/2021 21:01
Tweet to elon, he or his reps respond and get shit doNe


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