im not a 🐈

02/19/2021 22:13

$TESLA $Bitcoin just so you are aware because im sure most of you like me hardly know wtf is going on an how to use these apps. when you invest youre not just making an investment you are casting a vote. this is the biggest "democratic" voting system in the world. so when you buy btc. you are actually voting i on leaving the usd and going to 20million coins reserve backed by nothing. that will never happen already had once before with actual real physical gold there isnt enough for it to be suitable as a currency so we went to paper reserve note shares
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ian***com02/20/2021 01:11
There is a difference between the nature of gold and bitcoin, vs the nature of the US dollar. Gold and bitcoin are more like a type of storage of wealth. The dollar is a fiat currency, which is backed by faith in the US government. It only has value because our government says it does, while gold and bitcoin actually have value. Not just because I say it does, but because you can actually use gold to make things, and it's also shiney lol and bitcoin has value because of it's decentralized nature.

The US dollar is definitely on it's way to being replaced by something, but clearly it won't be bitcoin. Maybe Etherium? Who knows really. But yeah, if you look at the course of history, currencies come and go with the rise and fall of world powers. Clearly with a dementia patient in charge and a couple evil witches behind him, the US is on a road to ruin. It is what it is.


d3rk02/19/2021 23:57
there will never be just one currency. you sound scared.

im not a 🐈02/20/2021 00:02

keep dreaming just worried about the collapse and depopulation lol definetly bot scared of a fake shitcoin man go ahead trade it dont expect me to


SLUMERICAN02/19/2021 22:41
Best thing of all is the chinese own most all the bitcoins and half the US already!
Mainland China is the greatest! 🇨🇳

im not a 🐈02/19/2021 22:54

yea maybe not the greatest but probably the most secure from chinese/british state aggression against itself and its corporations. they did move alot to vietnam


Asu***com02/19/2021 22:21
you fear what you don't understand

Steve02/19/2021 22:42

naw it's just investing, no ones voting on leaving the old broken system yet. why are you so scared of change? dont act like it's not true

im not a 🐈02/19/2021 22:23

yuan and reminbi usa

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con***com02/19/2021 22:16
in 1971 you could trade $35 for an ounce of gold. lets get back to reality people.....

im not a 🐈02/19/2021 22:21

supressing the price of gold since 1970 what r u some kind of monster?


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Tomorrow will be good, next week will be wonderfull, next month will be awesome. pretty soon we’ll all be smiling again👍.

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