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02/20/2021 17:52

$Churchill Capital Corp IV All this talk about $cciv over valued someone explain to me where because y’all are just saying things to say thing😂

My logic goes $TESLA is at approx. 750B valuation... Lucid should be worth at least a third of that near term so let’s say 250B = $cciv currently at 65B valuation so approx 4 more times current stock price to reach 250B valuation (55x4=220$). There it is...220$ PT upon merger would actually makes sense👀

Now long term it should be way more because imo is definitely gonna pass 1T valuation at some point & so Lucid can probably reach at least 500B valuation within couple years if they continue to build factories and push out deliveries !
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ASusac02/21/2021 00:11
$TESLA delivered more cars to space than $Churchill Capital Corp IV have delivered on earth


Trickstock02/20/2021 20:33
why would lucid constitute a third of tesla's valuation based on what exactly? you think they can take that much market share of the EV pie... no they can't. you're going to watch tesla's market share shrink as big players enter the field... ford, gm, audi, vw etc etc ... tesla was the first and niche now it's becoming less that way.. the majority of these ev makers will disappear in fact. also, don't go by CCIV market cap as the amount of shares available will change DRASTICALLY post merger. . ofc we don't know to what as there is no official deal yet! more than likely hour math will be way way off by then.


dre***com02/20/2021 18:32
the market is changed and analysts are scratching there heads... good earnings are no longer boosting stocks like it use it..

the retail guys are looking for the next 1x,2x,3x+ stocks..

Jimmy Spacman02/20/2021 18:37

I don't think anyone's looking for a 1x stock 😂


Brian02/20/2021 18:28
The people that say Lucid is overvalued are using traditional legacy automakers as a comparison.

A202/20/2021 18:57

Does lucid have a new business model or something? Do you have their projected numbers? Genuine question not trying to be rude.


Dumby02/20/2021 18:17
I am slowly getting use to this stock market normal of buying without analyzing just need to put more weight on hype and popularity 🤑🚀🚀🚀


Dumby02/20/2021 18:15
Some about right for this stock market 😊🤑🤓


A202/20/2021 18:03
Good try, but that's not how this works. There's like, real math and shit that define a companys worth. Tesla currently is not an 800. its extremely overvalued for the numbers it makes today. in 50 years only god knows, but don't go reinvent the wheel because you want to hit the lottery on a hit trend. like the stock? buy the stock. Like to analyze valuation? become an analyst, by learning real math. not meme math.


:)02/20/2021 17:57
isn't the merger still just a rumor? if so all this hype is based of a rumor and if it turns out to be false that bad boy will free fall and a lot of people will be caught bag holding

dre***com02/20/2021 18:28

True but do so much institutions load up on rumors? they know something the small guys doesn't


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