02/23/2021 12:26

$TESLA thanks biden and your vp that was only chosen cuz race and gender. still no stimulas that was promised "day 1".....stock market in shambles since took over only goes down everyday....cant do nuke deal with iran...does 85 executive orders first 2 weeks to help the "black and brown" people. big shout out to all you who voted for this stuttering muppet who tries so hard to read the words off the monitor that his racist vp pick wrote for him.

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All Comments(20)

JDGRec02/26/2021 11:35
Agreed this is what happens when u hate someone so bad ur willing to elect anyone no matter what. then say there the best ever. it will all sink in next year when all those exec. orders have Kicked in full force and the people seriously start suffering. this is just a mear taste of whats to come. Its ok to love who u voted for but u better make sure to have a back up plan. i dont trust the guy with walking my dog around the block. he’ll come back without him talking about how he lost his ice cream.


sad***com02/25/2021 05:34


cin***com02/23/2021 16:10


Dpinvest02/23/2021 16:05
Stfu! Educate your self


803****88302/23/2021 13:16
Not to mention the $1.9 billion stimulus for black farmers who I’m pretty sure did not vote for Joe Biden anyways LOL we do not discriminate who farms our food they can get the hell out of here


cel***com02/23/2021 13:14
bro, be cool it shall be well, we are still in February, 10 months ahead.


Kozi02/23/2021 12:36
go and educate yourself my child.


Fish?02/23/2021 12:35
Lol imagine having this guy in your life. Must be fun to be around you.


bri***com02/23/2021 12:30
Biden says buy the dip lol

plays02/23/2021 12:53

unemployment bro

757****46102/23/2021 12:33

i would if get my stim check


sea***com02/23/2021 12:30
it has to do with the federal reserve being questioned this week and one of the worst winter storms in modern history wrecking the country last week. the stimulus, btw, hasn't been sent out because Republicans are against giving additional stimulus checks to the country. it is likely we will never see them, or see them in a very limited capacity compared to the 1400 more for those making 75k-50k or less.

Lon Turner02/23/2021 16:34

Too bad your precious TRUMP LOST!!! This is Biden’s show, ride with him or walk with the trump

Khu***com02/23/2021 12:43

lol all these idiots has nothing to argue against your statement so they just say you are wrong. need to turn off fox news and turn on your brain and see the real world.

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Power Rob02/23/2021 12:29
Trump lost, move on

Lon Turner02/23/2021 16:35

Well they say cheaters never win, too bad it didnt help TRUMP

757****46102/23/2021 12:33

you cheated out election wrong


3EBInvstMntsGp02/23/2021 12:29
Stay in school lol


sea***com02/23/2021 12:28
has nothing to do with biden. the dow, s&p, nasdaq are all actually up since he was elected in November.


TESLABULLDADd02/23/2021 12:27
oh and AWOMAN of course.......


Air***com02/23/2021 12:27
Lmao sounds like lil baby lost his mommys money cause he cant trade🤣🤣

Baub02/23/2021 16:06

Above me. you have unrealized losses, so yes you losing. agree all you people are little babies who had their bingies taken

757****46102/23/2021 12:31

nope. just stating facts...and dont lose shit till ya sell fool


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